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Pigeon Baby powder Compact

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  • Pigeon Baby powder Compact

    I just got the one in Brown it comes in white & Pink as well.

    Interestingly it says
    "Specially formulated fto care all skin types, for an extra smoothness" &

    "Light powder with natural coverage that minizes pores while controlling surface oil"

    Good & natural for touch ups! $5 now Robinsons having 20% off so it was only $4 20g

    INgredients listing:
    Talc, Corn Starch, Micro Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil, Squalan, Pigment, Glycerine, Polyethylene Powder, Fragrance, Allantoin.

    Mineral Oil is not good is it not? I just ??? its good enough for babies (maybe butts ) should be ok for my face!

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    I use this in my younger days, love the smell


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      is it comedogenic???


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        Talc? Corn Starch? I know of many people who are allergic to these ingredients.

        I used to remember an old friend using this. She has good skin to begin with, so everything looks good on her. But she remarked that she has more clogged pores after using this.


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          thanks elaine will look out for reactions!


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            me too!! i used to use this in younger daysss... luv the subtle baby scent.. maybe it's time to check it out again

            but can't remember if it broke me out or not... any other experience???


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              This one's not for me. I got a massive pimple attack
              will never forget that coz my face looks terrible


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                I used to use this for a long time and haven't had the time to buy a new one. Heard from my friends that Pigeon baby powder compact is much better than using two-way cake, loose powder and pressed powder as it does not clog up pores as much.


                My skin will get occasional acnes on T-zone area and whiteheads around the nose area. But I doubt it is the cause of the pigeon compact.


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                  I am using this as well...I have another friend who is using this all the while, looks good on her, but well she has good skin to begin with. I always use this after I have blotted my face, and after patting the powder, I always end with a spritz of KP mist. So far, the pimples I have were during pms, so I guess this powder has no side effects on me so far.

                  Bought it at NC essentials, $4plus


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                    My good friend used this as a pressed powder. She has good skin to start with. However 2 months after using this, her skin broke out in lots of small bumps and whiteheads.

                    Her skin never recovered to those perfect porcelain type. I restrain from using pigeon powder after hearing that


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                      i really doubt it's a good idea to use this as a cosmetic item. the first two ingredients are highly avoided in most other LP or foundations (talc and corn starch) due to their comodegenity.


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                        I can only imagine with the bad comments - its supposed to be for mums who want to make their babes look cuter with 'foundation' Gosh won't it be spoiling their skin from birth!

                        The poor child will be plauged with bad skin for life?

                        I am staying clear from mine now. it has this musky smell which is ok on the body but not next to my nose.
                        Last edited by vit_c; 09-06-2004, 10:27 PM.


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                          In the end, I still went to buy a new Pigeon powder (beige) as my friends said this is actually better than other cosmetics in the market.

                          Their logic is: It is meant for babies' butt so why will it cause bumps instead?

                          But anyway, even using foundation and loose powder will cause me clogged pores so this is not making much difference.

                          Besides, it is cheap for me to use it for school everyday.

                          However, I will keep it updated


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                            anyone has a pic of this? which colour is suitable for fair skin?


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                              You can try brown .... thats about the darkest colour they have but its quite light compared to the regular commercial brands ....
                              Or if you are really fair ... you can try Pink .... it doesnt add much colour so kinda blends into your skin colours