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    Skindazzles !

    The latest craze to hit MUA, it's a place where you can get your own personalized fragrance just by filling in a simple form! It seems like Candy, the e-tailer, has been pretty accurate in giving people the fragrances that are truly their "dream" fragrances

    I'm so tempted to try this out! certainly is unique among other e-tailers. her scent menu is also pretty unique and lots of the scents are tempting me!!

    Skindazzles does ship int'l. Payment via Paypal

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    Spree anyone?

    Why not bookmark the site, and if everyone is still raving 2-3 mths later, when we have used up some of our current goodies, then we can place an order? I'll be happy to help organise one if there are enough people interested.

    Citrus Energy sounds yummylicious!


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      You can add the site to the list of e-tailers at the top of the Cozyscent thread


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        sure Ann, that would be a great idea. i'd be spoiling for some more tarts and fragrances by then .

        teiko, sure thing


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          I'm really really lemming their products now!!! :choice:

          Some girls have compiled a list of their custom scents -

          Their tarts seem to come highly recommended - the scent throw is supposed to be for the Jumbo Tarts .

          What I'm lemming is their moisturisers though! In these scents:
          Buttercream Frosting (Delicious, sweet creamy frosting.)
          Fudge Nut Brownie (Oh my goodness... Pure chocolate heaven!)
          Temptation Island (Tempting tropical mixture of banana, orange and cherry.)
          Vanilla Smoothie (Buttery warm vanilla)
          Brownie Fix (Delectable fudge brownies with rasberry and buttercream swirled icing, topped with toasted almonds!)
          Sweet Romantic (A romantic vanilla blend hugged with peach and soft notes of musk.)
          Triple layer creamsicle cake (Three layers of white cake with creamy orange and vanilla custard between. All iced with buttercream frosting!)
          Lemonilla (Sweet lemon cake with creamy buttercream frosting.)

          Obviously, I like foody/fruity scents!

          What do you girls think?


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            my dear xue, u got me lemming for this now

            Actually we could just do a spree among few of us... Just in case spree turns out like LOL so huge


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              I am waiting for my customized scent to be ready. It will not be available for another 2 weeks. After that, if you all still have a spree, do count me in


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                they only take paypal payment or something??


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                  mm... i wouldn't mind a spree! my scent sounds lovely :

                  Floral Fantasy? A soft and gentle blend of rose, geranium and jasmine with delicate hints of apple and apple blossom.

                  apple would be a great replacement for the usual woods/musks...


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                    Originally posted by jemay
                    my dear xue, u got me lemming for this now

                    Actually we could just do a spree among few of us... Just in case spree turns out like LOL so huge

                    I don't mind spreeing, but I'm in London! So it'll be postage both ways. Unless you girls don't mind waiting until I'm back... which is in 5 weeks!

                    BTW, I asked on MUA about the difference between the body lotion and the body frosting. girlsptz kindly paged me:
                    Hi there,
                    Saw your questions....well I have only samples the hemp and shea butter lotion and can tell you it is very thick for a lotion and will be quite moisturizing. I have however tried many of the Body frostings and these are my favorite. These are textured like very whipped meringue and are sooo moisturizing to the skin. Out of all the creams/butters I have tried they are my favorite and I will continue to buy on a regular basis. Scents...well I have loved everything I tried...favorite foody scents so far are fudge nut brownie, strawberry parfait and buttercream frosting. She has a whole list of custom blends that are also available and you will see mention of the link on the MUA board. Indeed she does ship Internationally. Candy is such a sweetheart...if you have any questions feel free to ask her. She will answer all your concerns and I'm positive if you do decide to order from will not be dissappointed. By the way her soy atrts and soy blends are fantastic and her foot revive cream is to die for. Please feel free to ask me any other questions that you might have.


                    This message was sent by MakeupAlley member girlsptz

                    I think I'll be getting a body lotion and body frosting from e-bay. Try both! Don't snatch with me!


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                      Here's what I got in the mail today! My personal scent from Skindazzles. Sounds pretty good!

                      Hi Stella!

                      Here is your personalized bath and body fragrance blend from

                      Spiced Fudge Nut Cookies - Two delicious spiced nutty cookies sandwiched
                      with rich creamy fudge.

                      You won't find this fragrance on my website, this is your personal
                      blend. I'll keep it on file should you wish to order it :-)


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                        Thanks for sharing Stella!!! I like yours better than mine.


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                          What didja get?


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                            Vanilla Latte ? A delicious frothy blend of rich espresso, steamed milk and a shot of vanilla syrup.

                            Quite yummy, but a little boring. Plus I don't like coffee.


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                              SHIPPING COSTS INFO!

                              I emailed Candy and this is her reply:
                              Hello and thank you for your inquiry! Below are a couple of examples for shipping to England:

                              2 Whipped Body Butters - $18.00 USD for airmail or $8.50 USD for surface mail.

                              1 Whipped Body Butter - $9.50 USD for airmail or $5.50 for surface mail.

                              Shipping to Singapore is approx the same amount. If I can help you further, please let me know!

                              Thank you!

                              I've replied asking her how long surface mail takes and whether she's prepare to partially subsidise shipping if the order's big enough. If she agrees, spree anyone?