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  • Placenta

    hi all,
    i've been thinking of buying lamb placenta or royal jelly pills for my skin. I really need to get rid of the red spots/ scars fast! The pharmacy owner told me that lamb placenta is for skin and royal jelly is for overall well being.
    red face.

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    Never thought to try out these plaenta stuff.. dunno why..
    I'm also concerned about the stuff clogging up pores altho I haven't heard of any lousy things about them yet. Have also not heard about them being good for fading scars! Anyone to set the record straight here?


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      i know royal jelly helps in complexion, like helping to maintain a healthy complexion. fading scars wise, i didnt hear any.

      vit e is pretty good for scars too.

      taking vit c will help in healing process.

      Heard nothing about placenta for scars, though heard its like an oral botox kinda effect.

      pearl powder/pills might help. Many chinese believes that they help in whitening. Not too sure if there is any scientific reasoning though.


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        i take royal jelly but i never thought it will help in my complexion... :huh:


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          this is really kool. thanks babes (and dudes,if any) for your replies. My cousin actually told me once that lamb placenta is good for complexion, while my bf (aka my beauty advisor) says royal jelly is def. better. I read that placenta is good if u want a radiant skin. Vitamin E is a slow process. I'm very impatient! sobz.

          Btw, kordel's skin and hair nutrition (in a box) is good. I feel my hair is in a better shape... but I juz cant find the product in SG anymore. The pharmacy owner (again she) says she's also waiting for the stocks to arrive!


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            I said earlier I couldn't explain why I'm squeamish about using placenta stuff. Actually, did you know that many skincare products have animal parts in them? If you read the recent issue of FHM, you mite've come across this piece of info about which parts of the remains of a slaughtered cow went to what. Yikes!

            Also, if you have gone under the knife (or intend to), the fakes like *nose aids* also contain some of the above stuff. Ignorance is bliss.

            My ma used to consume Royal Jelly but it's more for general well-being. Like Lingzhi, it's quite *heaty*. Applying it topically on the skin for a better complexion? - this one I have no clue.


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              Blossom: My stoopid bf insists that royal jelly gd for complexion!

              Glossie: yah man! I read that some botox injections also contain animal stuff in them. Scary.

              Oh no, I cannot take heaty food! Everyday, i m taking the 'pi pa gao' to cut the heatiness in my body. I m such a problematic girl. Cant stand it.

              Perhaps only go for surgery then my complexion will improve. no money ....


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                sometimes poor complexion is due to health. the better your state of health, the better your complexion will be.

                for instance, acne on the jawline indicates hormonal imbalance and so on.

                royal jelly, placenta, etc might work, but not on all people. there are people who says bird's nest works wonders too, but i dont find any difference despite eating one teaspoon day and night.

                I stopped eating day and night though, since there's no visible effects.

                so figure out what is the root of the problem you want to solve then look for the solutions.
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                  Hiyee califit,
                  califit gurl, you very 'vain'. Eat birdnest everyday. I at most eat it once every few mths. But we're all girls what!!! we're always right to be VAIN.

                  yah man, i do agree with you that it's all abt health. Last time
                  when i was in my teens until 20yrs old, i had no problems with my skin. Until after i had all the freedom i could have, i spend my years having late night fun outside... and that's when my face become horrible!!
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                    my dad used to eat with me too. not daily. but weekly.... his skin very nice. rosy and the forehead is very smooth... no wrinkles or frown lines one.

                    late nights are horrible.... i every night also sleep at 2am.... then if got morning lesson at 8am, then i will wake up at 6.30am.... hate it.... then somemore no time to do facials, etc. i hate my life now....
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                      hmm.. where to get royal jelly? is smt to be taken orally right? i think bird nest does help ***. when i take it right then the next few days complexion really look alot better. smoother more radiant. but after that back to same old dull terrible one. hai.


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                        anyone tried multivits? isn't it simpler to just pop down one pill and get all the vits u need? haha.
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                          Noticed that there was some discussion on alpha lipoic acid. It's known as a very powerful antioxidant as well as a blood glucose regulator. So, it has 2 good functions.

                          It's thought to be particularly helpful for those with high blood sugr from diabetes, since it regulates the sugar levels: high blood sugar causes organ damage. Also, as an anti-oxidant, it helps to protect the body as well!

                          If someone is diabetic, they must discuss with their physician before using it, b/c if they are on diabetes medication, the alpha lipoic acid might decrease their sugar too low. Just thought I should add this in case!


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                            Originally posted by qian
                            hmm.. where to get royal jelly? is smt to be taken orally right?
                            It's available in most health stores and pharmacies. Yes it's usually taken orally. These days, some skincare products do contain it although I have no clue how it's supposed to benefit users.

                            I took this from Dec's Elle: in Asian Revolution, stuff like Ginger, Ginseng and Lingzhi are the "Asian botany craze in skincare" now. For eg, Ginseng is treasured for improving stamina, combating fatigue and stress. It's believed to energise the skin and leaves it radiant and youthful. YSL Temps Majeur Masque contains Ginseng. Lingzhi is also used in this mask. BTW, it costs a whopping 3-figure sum, this mask.

                            Qian, cut the SMS-style and local short-forms ([email protected]) when posting, please? Thanks, dear
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                              *sheep placenta* for maintaining youth

                              hi anyone heard of this or is anybody or anyone else you know is trying this? i'm thinking of having sheep placenta. heard its great for the skin and you can look young for longer time. i'm abit vain-pot and very concerned with beauty...kekee.... so i'd love to age gracefully....not that i'm very old now haha...but i'd like to start earlier(abit kiasu). hehee...i started out my skincare at age 16 and already using anti-aging products since 17+. anyone ever thought of the idea of sheep placenta? wonder is there any side effects?