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    I did a search for the Very Very line by Sofina but came up with nothing
    I'm wondering if anyone here has used it or heard any raves/rants about it.
    Right now, i'm using Sofina's UV Cut Milk Extra Block SPF50+ PA+++ and also the Very Very UV Cut Milk SPF24 PA++ and really like both items.
    Interested about their other products

    Thanks for reading!!

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    hi girl, i guess because singapore doesnt have sofina, so is rare cases that we get to try this brand..... maybe could check around mua product ville?


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      This post isn't really about Sofina very very series. Just wondering has anyone tried the Whitening Deep science or the Rise Series? Tried searching on MUA, the Rise series seems to have quite good reviews. I'm thinking to try the whitening series. Has anyone tried? TIA!


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        A cousin of mine is in HK right now so i asked her to get me one of the Very Very Milks - there's Fresh, Light, and Moisture. All 3 of them are in gel texture. She told me she got the Moisture Milk since i stated i would be using it at night. Can't wait to receive it!

        Had an old sample of the Light Milk, but didn't want to risk putting it on my face, so decided instead to apply it to the backs of my parched hands...OMG! It is Soooooo hydrating! The Light Milk has the texture of a thick toner - yup, it's very liquidy - but made my hands alot smoother after just one application Another good thing is it seemed to absorb completely and didn't leave a sticky feeling like many gel moisturizers do.

        The Moisture Milk which i'm receiving probably has a thicker texture; hope it doesn't break me out >< I'll be sure to review it once i try it =)

        O, and the Moisture Milk is $198 HKD~~
        Happy since i thought it would be more

        Happy New Year!!
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          any more review regarding its product?


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            Where to get sofina in Singapore? Someone told me that it is the top 5 skincare/cosmetics brands that sells very well worldwide. I am tempted to try Sofina products but don't know where to get it.


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              hi all.. sorry.. but i am kinda new to this brand.. in fact, i have never heard before till i saw this thread.. can anyone tell me more about this brand and their products?

              vain pork : you said its the top 5 skincare worldwide?? really?? i am tempted to try too! =)


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                I'm afraid Sofina is not available in Singapore. You can find it in Japan and Taiwan though.


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                  oh ok.. i guess can purchase online right? but what the price range??


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                    You can find a limited range of Sofina products here. The price is there too.

                    Do note that some of the items they have for sale are not the newer versions that Sofina has come up with. To check out the latest offerings from Sofina, you could always go to their website:



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                      thanks Jenine. do you purchase them too? as in their products really that good?


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                        I love their Rise and Raycious range, but that's because I'm an old lady.

                        I'm not sure how old you are, but if you're younger than 25 years old, the Very Very range would be more suitable for you. If you're between 25 to 39, the Rise range would be for you and any older, you'd take the Vital Rich range.

                        Do read through the Sofina threads on both skincare and cosmetics, I'm sure you'll be able to garner lots of info from there!


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                          ok thanks jenine.. nah.. why say old lady.. young at heart right. =) anyway i am 20.. so i guess the Very Very range will be suitable for me ba.. thanks for the infor..


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                            anybody has tried the very very pore? it's supposed to minimize pores but not sure if it works?


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                              Hey Girls. I thought I saw Sofina at Tpy Spring Beaute though.