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  • Change in skin type?

    Oh how frustrating .. it seems as though my skin type has changed? It wouldn't be the first time.

    In high school (I'm 22 now) , I had flawless skin and all I used was a Biore cleanser every night. About 19 or 20, my skin started to get a lot of acne and this past year it started getting really dry and sensitive. I was using Shiseido Purify Cleansing Foam for normal/dry skin and that was working just fine. It helped my acne, but not much. (The acne is mainly in my t-zone and along my hairline.)

    Before, it seemed like I could only use products for dry/sensitive skin and lately my skin really doesn't like such products anymore. I tried using the Shiseido The Skincare Cleansing Foam (which was previously way too harsh) and my skin liked it a lot better.

    When examining my skin, I noticed my t-zone and cheeks are really oily/shiny and my pores are really out of control. I've heard that when your skin gets really dry, it will compensate by over producing oil .. so my question is .. do I use products for dry skin, oily skin or combo? And what products?

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    if you are breaking out on your hairline, maybe check to see if any of the ingredients in your shampoo/conditioner are bad for your skin. also, check the ingredients in your make up (if you use) too.

    i used shiseido powdery foundation for years years years... until my facialist told me to stop using it, as it was majorly clogging my pores. i've switched to aveda dual base minus oil and sage dual powder foundation.

    the sage skincare website has a list of ingredients that may irritate your skin or cause acne:

    i have sensitive/combo skin (semi-oily t-zone and dry cheeks). i currently use sage skincare products (, and dermalogica ( products.

    if you have oily t-zone and dry cheeks, maybe try something for combo skin. for me, products for oily skin, over-dries my dry skin. and products for dry skin, keeps my t-zone oily.

    if you have acne, i really recommend the sage skincare exfoliating grains, cleanser, and fix zit. fix zit is a benz peroxide product, but it is really gentle. i couldn't use a benz peroxide product that had over 2.5% strength, but for some reason, the fix zit is so gentle, i can use their 10% strength. i think they put aloe vera in their products to make is more gentle, yet still very effective.

    for oily t-zone, use a clay mask maybe once a week. maybe on your t-zone areas only, mask 2x a week. i use dermalogica gentle exfoliating cream and sage mssr redefinition mask.

    for the dry areas (eye, cheek areas) i put moisturizer and use a hydrating mask (i use the dermalogica hydrating mask).

    hope you find a product that works for you and that your skin gets better. wish you lots of luck.