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    Hi lovelies,

    I was checking on MUA, came across this cutie shower cap.

    There were so many raves about this shower cap! But the price is not anything to rave about tho'... ... it cost a hefty USD14!!! omigawd! the price is really atrocious! I don't mind if it's a gift! hahaa

    So, would you spend USD14 for a shower cap?
    Can consider.... ...

    How much is your current shower cap?
    A cheapo $2 shower cap.

    How does your current shower cap looks like?
    Printed design -- pink polka dot with white base.

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    I have this! Have been lemming this for a long time and finally caved in a few months back. Stupid me bought this off ebay with the soap. Shipping costs more than the item itself of course :roll:

    Material is much thicker than most shower caps. It better be.


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      The design captured my attention, the quality is convincing me, I'm holding on to the temptation of getting it.

      By the looks of it, I might want this so badly to call it MINE!

      Dimples, getting it off Ebay is definitely a daylight robbery, the shipping alone kills! Btw, how's the soap? It look cute in the shape of a diamond string with pearls.


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        Originally posted by LizzyDizzy
        Btw, how's the soap? It look cute in the shape of a diamond string with pearls.
        Can't comment of that. It's still sitting pretty in my drawer.


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          I never use shower cap, very lazy.


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            nope never... its way too expensive... anyway i dont use shower caps at all


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              Ladies, nevermind if you use the shower cap or not, check this out! These shower caps are So Pretty . pssstt... the price is soooooooooooooo pretty too!


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                Lizzy, It reminds me of the one which was worn by Strawberry shortcake.


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                  good golly. am i the only one who thinks these shower caps look kinda frightful? they look a bit scary IMO, i think anyone in my family who sees me using these shiny and oddly shaped shower caps would laugh out loud.


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                    I always try to take the shower caps too. I use one to cover my face when I put on or take off any pull over sweaters, turtlenecks, tees etc. so my makeup won't dirty the clothes. I even put one in my purse in the event that I need to try on clothes when I go shopping. I change them quite frequently as I don't want my face touching the same plastic too many times.

                    A note of caution, if you have young children, make sure you tell them not to do this as one may get asphyxiated.


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                      I bought a super cute Penguin shower cap from to use for when I want to wash off my clay mask.



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                        it's so lovely i never use this