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MAC Blue Steel & Powersurge FOTD

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  • MAC Blue Steel & Powersurge FOTD

    Blue steel & powersurge FOTD!

    My green-brown FOTD!

    I used:
    Face- Shiseido Powdery Foundation. Concealer -Origins Quick, Hide!
    Eyes- MAC Juxt e/s, Tempting e/s, Patina e/s, Teddy Khol eyeliner, Shiseido Thickening mascara
    Blush-MAC Tenderling
    Lips- Clinique Moisture Sheer in Nude Glow

    Benefit dandelion palette

    Hi ladies, I finally got this palette i've been lemming for ages & its so pretty, but really disapointed as it doesn't show up on me (esp. the blush). I seriously packed it on and it still hardly showed up..such a shame because the colours are so nice Btw, my skin tone is NC35. I think this is really perfect for fair toned ladies, everything in this palette matches perfectly.

    I used:
    Maybellines eyeliner in Brandied Raisin
    Cargo's lipgloss duo in Cancun on top of the lipstick.
    Shiseido thickening mascara

    Happy New Years Everyone!!

    This is my New Years Party FOTD!! Hope everyone had a fun NYE!!

    Heres what I used :
    Face: Shiseido's Powdery Foundation
    Concealer: Origin's 'Quick, Hide Concealer'
    Mascara: Shiseido Mascara Base with Shiseido thickening mascara on top
    Eyeliner: MAC Teddy
    Eyeshadow Base & Highlighter: MAC Shroom
    Eyeshadow Lid: MAC Tempting
    Eyeshadow Crease: MAC Mulch
    On top of whole lid I put on MAC glitter brilliants in 'Reflects Blue' looked really cool IRL but can't see it from those this pic you can sort of see it:

    Tried falsies out for the first time for a dress up party. I didn't realise how annoying they were until I tried it, so heavy and feels like my eyes were not fully open, also kind of feels like my eyes were stuck together....but it really makes a HUGE difference on the eyes..makes them stand out a lot more.
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    You are very pretty! Are you mixed blood?

    You already look gorgeous without makeup, just use some blusher, mascara and lipgloss would be enough. Don't over do the makeup, it will cover up your natural beauty.


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      is this u too? or a japanese actress I can't remember the name...........

      very prettyz!!!!!


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        Girl, you are so cute & you like like that pretty girl you posted along with your photos.

        Do you have makeup on in your "make me up" pic? All you need is probably a nice fresh pinky blush, gloss & curled mascara-ed lashes to make you look WOW. I feel that your hair & brows can be lightened to make you look even better too.


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          Oh gosh no, that pic is not me~I think she is an actress.. She is totally gorgeous..... !!

          Nah, im not mixed..just plain chinese

          I had just mascara on in my Make me up pic

          I really want to dye my hair but I think for now I need to give it a break since its super dry from hair straightening I did a while ago.
          What kind of shape do you think I should cut my hair? Should I keep my fringe?

          Thanks for the tips ladies


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            Originally posted by Alya
            is this u too? or a japanese actress I can't remember the name...........

            very prettyz!!!!!
            She's Singaporean, but a HK based actress/singer. She also has a sister who look like her too, they're called 2R(Rosanne and Race Wong)

            Bluberri, you've got expressive eyes...
            Your face shape is long, I wouldnt recommend you to have short crop, anything longer than chin is nice on you, maybe you want to have fringe instead of having a complete new haircut, and trim off the dry ends? HTHs
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              You have very nice features, and like all the girls said you only need light makeup (mascara, blush and lipgloss) to make you look "wow"!

              Do try some makeup again and post post more pics!


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                Second what all the girls have said so far! You look really sweet and you're a natural beauty so you don't need much makeup.

                I'd suggest a light dusting of blusher. If you want to make your face look skinnier, brush it up towards your temples. If you want your face to look broader, brush it sideways towards your ears.

                You could try to emphasise your eyes by lining them with an eyekohl (MAC!!!) and a generous dose of mascara.

                Seriously girl, you don't need makeup! For ideas on how to do 'dramatic' makeup, just refer to the photos the other girls have up.

                And I think your hair is gorgeous so no suggestions there!


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                  Thanks ladies

                  I think i will stick to natural light m/u..but i always feel the need to put more on

                  What kind of colours do you ladies think I should go for? Peaches , pinks ,corals?

                  Any suggestions for pretty glosses?

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                    Hi bluberri, not an expert here but looking from your pictures. I would suggest pinky or peachy tones (sheertone or shimmer) for blusher in the day and more pigmented rosy colours for the night. Emphasise abit more on your cheekbones. You have very mesmerising eyes, so maybe 2 coats of mascara and pastel colour eyeshadows will do the job. As for lipgloss, colours like RMK clear berry, MAC Nymphette, Prrr, Shiseido Chianti Rose is perfect. You might want to take a look at MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in gentle coral, it's very moisturing and gives you a natural sheen. The down side is that it's in a pot which means you have to either stick you fingers in or use a lip brush.



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                      Originally posted by Bluberri
                      Thanks ladies

                      I think i will stick to natural light m/u..but i always feel the need to put more on

                      What kind of colours do you ladies think I should go for? Peaches , pinks ,corals?

                      Any suggestions for pretty glosses?

                      For colours, you should really just try them! You never know what may turn out to look good on you. I would suggest going down to your favourite beauty counter and getting a 'makeover' and recs by SAs.

                      You should also head down to CozyCosmetica to ask product questions These questions have been asked quite a bit so there's a wealth of info in those forums!


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                        great advice!

                        Will post up new pics when I've practiced enough to hear more tips from you awsome ladies


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                          I really want to see your pics since everyone is commenting on how pretty you are^^ Anyways, i always enjoy seeing what the other "cotters" look like but i can seem to find your link :huh: Seems like everyone else can though...


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                            Ok ladies, i've been working on my M/U techniques heres a link to my latest m/u look

                            Although I think I put a thick layer of M/U on it still doesn't really show up :roll:

                            Btw, how do you directly post pictures up?
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                              You look pretty girl!

                              Anyway to answer your question:
                              1) When you post a reply, the above toolbars has one that says "IMG", that's for you to post your picture
                              2) So now since your pic has been uploaded onto MUA, just right-click your picture and copy the link there
                              3) Paste that link onto the pop-up that appears after you click "IMG"
                              4) Done!

                              Anyway i've done it for you