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  • Uneven makeup

    Hi girls, does anyone know what cause my blusher to be uneven and patchy on my cheeks?? It was a horrible morning when that happened. I tried to salvage the situation but don't work. In the end i was late for work. I went out with two red patchy thingy on my cheeks.. like some chinese vampire. Luckily i saw guardian and quickly went in to buy the clean and clear wipes which save my days.
    Experts out there, please advise. I am totally helpless.

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    Definitely not and expert here... but just sharing my experience. Are you refering to powder blusher or cream/liquid type?

    For powder blusher, the patchiness can be due to your foundation. If you are using liquid type of foundation, after you put on your foundation, use a wedge sponge to dap on your face to pick up the excess. This will prevent the patchy look when you subsequently put on your loose powder and blusher.

    For cream/liquid blusher, if you are already very fast in your blending and this happens, just dot on some more of your foundation and blend it again.


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      Sometimes the pigment "grab" onto your skin too fast and too much, even with powder blushes. Layer a sheer amt little by little to build up color instead of loading your brush with too much pigment at one go. HTH!


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        Vonnie: I am using both powder foundation and blushers. I really dying to find out what is the cause so as to avoid! Thanks for your info though

        echo_nym: I layered it little by little and only certain area 'caught' the colour while the rest don't.
        :piss: is there anything wrong with my skin? Thanks for your reply too =)


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          Happens to me too when I don't put on my base makeup properly!

          Basically, the purpose of any powder (loose or pressed) is to cover your skin and let your natural sebum stick to that instead. So when you brush on any powder products, the product will glide easily and smoothly over the powder instead of sticking to your skin.

          If you use powder foundation, do you use it wet or dry? I would suggest just dusting a liberal amount of loose powder over your cheeks and then applying the blusher. That usually works for me!


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            Yuffie, did you tap the brush before applying blusher to your cheeks? What kind/brand of brush & blusher are you using? How do you apply it?

            You have to be sure that your cheeks are dry ( as in powdered) so that there's a smooth surface for your powder blush to glide on to.


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              I totally agree with everything that's been said

              You haven't mentioned this, so i don't this is the case, but just in case...make sure the area of your cheeks are free of dry patches or rough skin. Powder foundation tends to stick to or dry patches/flakes making a rough surface for your blush if that is the case.

              Hopefully the incident was an one-in-a-lifetime thing and it'll never happen again!


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                Thanks for helping out

                ataraxia: I am using dry powdery foundation from Shiseido.

                atypical: i am using MAC blusher and body shop's blusher brush. I normally don't tap my brush before applying. Due to my dark skin, i must put on extra to look blushed. HOw should i apply it? Hmm.. did i keep my blusher too long and cause it to change quality? ( Am i thinking too much?)

                shortie: i do have dry patches on my face. But my face is oily at the end of the day and only a few area is dry at times. *puzzled*
                So take it if it's the dry patches' fault. HOw do i rectify? That day, i tried putting on Clinique's moisture surge over my make up but it don't work. (arrghh! to think of that day make me boil :piss: )


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                  I've never used the Body Shop's brush but I understand that it's synthetic. That could be the cause maybe. I believe that's it's always better to use natural bristled blush brushes to get the best results. Always tap your brush & apply it in a circular motion. Repeat till you get the desired effect. It's always easier to add than to take off.

                  If you're still not too good about applying your blusher I suggest you go to MAC or some other makeup counter & ask the MA to show you how.


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                    I have very oily skin but suffer from dehydration too I'm also guilty of using products too harsh for my skin because i just don't feel clean when i use gentler products ...but i'm slowing changing my ways and my face is not as rough as before

                    Are you using an exfoliator regularly?? Over scrubbing/exfoliating make can make a person's skin worse, but i believe exfoliating 1-2x a week will help take off dead skin cells and what not. I usually scrub before i do masking since i believe it helps to enhance the effect of the mask, whether purifying/clarifying or hydrating/whitening. Even with oily skin, i use a hydrating mask at least 2x a week....just have to make sure the masks i use doesn't cause breakouts.



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                      atypical: Does natural bristle brush means more expensive? Hmm i know MAC brush cost a bomb but heard that it's good. Thanks for your advise! I'll try it tomorrow morning

                      shortie: I am using Fancl products which do not believe in scrubbing. So i don't scrub but use their moist charge pack to soften the dead cells. I used Clinique Clarifying lotion 2 previously which contain quite an amt of alcohol. I like it so much coz it give me the clean feeling (you and me are guilty abt it haha ) Does your face has clogged pores?


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                        Hm....alcohol in products....
                        there's certainly alot of controversy on the topic.

                        I'm glad you stopped using the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 - i've heard mostly rants about this product><

                        Here's how i would describe my skintype:
                        I'm very very oily and my pores clog easily, but i try to take very good care of my skin(although i get lazy at times :roll: ) so i don't get pimples often. Usually, i'm just OILY. This winter though, something that's never happened before did; i'm still very oily but not as and got dry patches instead I blame this completely on the indoor heating and extremely dry winter this year Anyways, so i'm battling clogged pores and rough skin right now



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                          Your situation sounds like mine except i don't have winter here. How do you get rid of your clogged pores... I dread it so so much!
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                            Some people are against this, but i do my own extractions. I went through a horrific acne outbreak when i was 11, when everyone else still had 'perfect' skin Only after years of treatments, antibiotics, and extra attention given to my skin, i now have 'normal' skin problems Somewhere along the way, i learned how to extract my blackheads without causing much damage - i kinda do the whole facial process, just at home. Cleanse, steam(when i'm feeling extremely dirty), extraction, cleanse, purifying mask, toner, moisturizer or one of those overnight hydrating masks.

                            That's just me, if u're not familiar with this, u can still do the whole process - just skip the parts in blue! I'm aware of overworking my face, so i only do this 1x a week.

                            My cousin used to have alot of clogged pores, some pimples, and her skin always looked bumpy, but the last time i saw her, she had almost perfect skin!! She told me she started to see a facialist regularly and that helped tremendously I'm thinking of going to her facialist soon^^

                            Keep me updated on how your skin is doing. Since we suffer from alot of the same problems, it'll be nice to know what works for you :wave:


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                              Originally posted by YuFFiE
                              atypical: Does natural bristle brush means more expensive?
                              Ahbuthen?? Yes, definitely more expensive. Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, Stila and KP have good brushes too. Check out the thread on Brushes!