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    Did it work equally well on towel-dried hair?


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      Gals, last nite i bought this range of shampoo, conditioner and mask.. ask many question.. and that SA at airport is very friendly she told me the mask is to be use on dry hair before wetting it. leave it for 15mins best with a towel or heat cap..HTHs.. will try it tonight .. :late:


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        Originally posted by candeecake
        I've tried using it on both wet and dry hair, before shampoo, doesn't seems to work for me. I've also using it like a conditioner after shampoo, doesn't work too. hmmm... I still think their Hi-Shine Extra Body Conditioner is better!! The best I've tried ever!!

        Ditto on the conditioner too though i find that i don't really like the smell of it.


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          just tried the hi shine mask. didnt like it, did not do anything for my hair. offensive smell.
          wonder how often can i use it? want to finish it sooner...

          anyone using it as a wash off conditioner? wonder if it will leave residue..

          i think the pre shampoo mask is just a gimmick, only want us to finish using it faster.