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How to store body products?

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  • How to store body products?

    My fren who came back from US bought me so many body lotions, some of the products are from etailers, what is the best way to store them?

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    Away from direct sunlight? Actually, I'm not too sure myself. I keep mine in a shelf away from the strong heat and sunlight.

    Some people I know keep their skincare in fridges as well.


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      i keep mine in a drawer in my room
      lush soaps are in the fridge though.


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        for body lotions, keep them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. some of the etailers don't use preservative, so use those first! best to email and ask them =)

        to give you some ideas about their shelf lives....

        - body butter lasted 1 year before drying and turning color
        - lotions from one company lasted 6 months - the lotion split into 2 obvious layers
        - another company lotion lasted about 1 year
        - vanilla based lotino turns color quickly but can still be used. so if a vanilla scented lotion turns yellowish, dont worry.
        - a scrub with non preservative lasted about 1 year. my body started to itch when i used it. the scent was funny.



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          to all

          anyway OT here, a rave for BBB&B body lotions! love them all.


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            Thanks snowstar!
            Seems like I need to stop hoarding bodycare items!