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  • ALBION skincare

    Yeah!!!!!! I just got my Albion Herbal Formula 25S thru a cp!

    My dear friend, Glenda said this is as good as cosme decorte and she was lemming for it!! She is out of town now.... so i need comments from other cotters here...

    Is anyone else using this range??

    I heard beside this, the Essential Conditioner is another star product! I am getting this back to try~

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    yes, i am getting the essential conditioner too cos its good for excessive and dull skin, the functions sounds like the SK II miracle water

    i think the exage white range is good too, many japanese celeb readers and models use the products from albion exage


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      Wow, u using this milk? I tried the sample, and love it


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        Hi, can this product brand be found in Singapore?


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          No, is only available in Japan and Taiwan from what i know


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            sorry to dig this thread up again. but i'm needing a new day moisturiser and stumbled upon albion. has anyone used or is still using this brand?

            i'm thinking of the moisturising milk. but... is that really a moisturiser? according to the website it's supposed to be step 2 after cleansing, but i can't really read much japanese, so i really need some help please! and where is the skin conditioner supposed to fit it?


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              Interested in this product but not available in singapore. Lemming to try this brand. Heard its good.


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                Hi littlewing

                Are you referring to the milky lotion? I used that before. It is after cleansing, before skin cond and I top up moisturiser after that cos my cheek area is dry.

                Hi Gold

                It is available at Skincare @ Lucky Plaza


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                  babypom, thank you muchly. may i ask how you found the products you've used? i'm actually looking at the excia range (because i can't find the other ranges) and the conditioner.

                  gold, i'll be ordering mine from a taiwanese site that ships internationally. but they only have a limited range.


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                    I like it but didnt repurchase milky lotion cos it is expensive and I like to explore new skincare I still have 3/4 bottle of skin conditioner at home

                    There are couple of ranges but till now I still cannot figure what is what when I read reviews from the taiwan forum


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                      LOL yes, i have so much trouble translating the terms they use in taiwanese forums. i keep running to my dad to ask. will just go by trial and error.

                      so you didn't like the skin conditioner? i think i'll go ahead with ordering both to try. i have zero product loyalty. i don't think i've ever bought a second bottle of anything besides FTE.


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                        I like the skin cond. However I have too many products to use but only one face


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                          glad to hear you liked the products you've tried. i hope they work on me too, but i have strange skin. i just put my order through, can't wait for my stuff to arrive!


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                            Remember you have to use sufficient amount for milky lotion else no effect. I use 2-3 pumps each time.

                            Hope this products work for you


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                              I am an Albion fan, like the exage white milk, the sunblock, skin conditioner and the powder very much!

                              Albion is avalible in Lucky Plaza and they are having 20% off promotion for members 5 May to 12 May
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