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    Beautifuls, I am helping my cousin to find out more about this brand. Anyone of you heard of Shades Beverly Hills? ever used it? Was it good?

    Basically it goes like this. My cousin was appraoched by this advertising company who claims that they are looking for new faces. And they said that they will provide 6 weeks of grooming course for free. But the condition is that my cousin have to bring her own clothings, shoes and make up. The thing is she has to buy the make up from them and the set costs $500+.

    Alright, up to now, we've all decided that this was likely some kind of scam right? I told my cousin that their main purpose is really to make her purchase the make up so they could profit from it. My cousin reckons that but she says that doesn't mind since she will be taught the skills of making up.

    I asked her what will be included in the make up set and told her to compare the cost if she were to buy from the existing counter brands. She did a calculation and it seems quite fair. But the problem now is we do not know if this brand is even comparable to counter brands. So beautifuls, I need your help in this. Our concern now is in the product itself. Not so much about the advertising part. Any knowledge about the quality of this brand?

    Thanks in advance
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    If the brand is really that good, why do they need to resort to scams to sell the products?

    Anyway even if the products are good, it's pointless buying the full set unless your cousin is interested in being a makeup artiste. She probably won't even use half the products in there not to mention some of the colours probably won't be suitable for her. I say she's better off spending the $500 at makeup counters like MAC or Stila and getting some products that she really likes.

    Also she wants to buy the makeup coz she's interested in learning how to do her makeup. I reckon she's better off signing up for a proper course. There's no way to find out whether the instructor is qualified, or worse whether the lessons will even materialise after she purchase the products.
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      Please advice your cousin to steer clear of such company. I have heard of people who have signed up, paid up, but there were no grooming course as promised thereafter.


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        Thanks dearies for the reply. I've actually hinted her not to take up the package but I don't want to make it so obvious cause I'm afraid that she might think i doubt her calibre in being a new face.Fact is, she does have what it takes, maybe just that she hasn't met the real sincere hunters.

        Vonnie, that was really bad. I thought the worst would be they provide grommers that were not really qualified but WHAT? No grooming course as promised? That is really bad! :piss: But then again, why waste time and effort attending courses taught by nonprofessionals right?

        Anyway, to Vonnie and Babyflite, thanks for your reply.


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          I have been approached too.I supposed its the same company (located at ngee ann city?), anyway i went for this audition and saw quite a few young girls there.Pardon me, but some of them are...err..rather young and some (plump), alot of wanna-bes (no offense)

          The guy there also told me the same things, to buy the BH makeup set..bleh bleh and showed me a couple of pictures and advertisements saying that I may be one of the models..etc..
          I have to sign this contract thingy and attend some m/u seminar, which btw I didn't attend, sorrie if i side track, but try to convince ur cousin that its not the kind of model agency she's looking for.


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            PLEASE DON'T SIGN ANYTHING!!!! This sounds suspiciously like something a law school-mate of mine inadvertently got into in our first yr of uni. Name of company sounds familiar, I remember it was located at Ngee Ann City too. Basically it's all a big huge scam - DON'T fall for it and MOST IMPORTANTLY DON'T sign anything because it will bind you in law even if you later say that you thought the obligations you were signing up to were something else. I can't believe this fraud of a company is still around! :piss:


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              Don't sign! I've been approached before and I do recall that such a scam was reported in the papers a few years back. Anyway, I never did go for the audition. I can only reckon they are not genuine talent scouts.

              Anyway, why would she NEED to use their makeup if they were to find you assignments? There would be professional makeup artistes on hand for your cousin if she were to be involved in any advertising assignments.

              If she wants to learn the skills of making up, her money is probaby better spent at the makeup counters where she can also sign up for short courses or makeup workshops. Or she could always go down to her counter of her choice, let the makeup artiste know her intention of purchasing and at the same time learn how to makeup and she can probably set aside time for her. At least you know you'll be getting some quality makeup that you will be using.


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                Thank you ladies for the kind advices.

                I think I really have to dissuade her out of this. I always felt that it is silly to fork out money to be discovered. In fact, if the advertising or modelling firm finds that a particular person really has the calibre, they would most likely believe that this person would be able to make money for them. So why should the person still pay to make money for the firm? The firms should be the one investing in grooming the person!!

                I think this company has indeed gained a bad reputation in the market and to think that they are still using the same old trick. What happened to their innovative spirit???


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                  ya, i was approached too. i hastily signed the contract but they allowed cancellation of the contract after i changed my mind. the make up set is very fully-equipped(my friend is in the course too) like 12 eyeshadow shades, custom foundation, l/p, conc, illuminator blah blah,lotsa stuff i've never seen b4! the course is apparently decent, walking in heels, making up... i didn't want to go 4 it cuz there is NO GUARANTEE that you'll get assignments they just groom you and market you... after that it's your own ability...hope that helps


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                    Thanks Michelle, my cousin had signed up for the course and she has attended the first session on postures. She had actually signed up even before i started posting. But she thought that she could still back out before attending the first session...But apparently, it wasn't the case. But now that she has attended the course,i just hope that she learns something out of it.

                    Thanks for sharing anyway.


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                      hey ladies, i got talent scouted by BHI too. the interviewer was demure and nice looking. very fluent in english. they showed me some pictures of the adverts they did and even in balck and white. i was asked to signed up for the course and cant quit or have to pay $2000. the make-up brand they ask me to buy is DUNE PLATINUM AND SHADES OF BEVERLY HILLS. they told me to go down tomorrow to sign the contract, in case i breach? should i go, or contact them tomorrow and reject them? tia! ps: their office looks so decent and good!