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  • U2b

    Hi, i'm new here.
    I used to use a korean brand cosmetic 'U2B" for about 3 yrs now.
    Now the the salon which i used to buy that from, no longer takes it stocks, i would have to try out their new recommendations then ;_;.
    Though i alsoulately love the loose powder [Original . Leichner] they introduced to me 6 mths ago. A bit pricely at 80 plus if i remembered clearly, but i think it's light and smooth enough to fit that price.
    Then i love my sk-II liquid fondation. ;_;

    Arrr..i bought a cute looking $5 pigeon baby powder compact last week. Not sure if it's good.
    Cos i normall used normal body/baby powder on face even when i am at home, as for protection against dust/oil forming on face.

    Wondering ??? u gals use at home then?
    Nothing? ^^

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    I used their liquid foundation and loose powder before.

    I remember I like their liquid foundation very much. It comes in pump bottle so very hygenic. but there was limited selection of colors when I bought it.