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  • Chantecaille Cosmetics

    heard my friend said this brand's cosmetics are good but very expensive!!!!!
    anyone know about this brand and where can i buy it?

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    Hi !

    I used to love the Future Skin foundation from Chantecaille and used up a few tubs (which says quite a lot since I'm never a faithful cosmetics user). Their compact powder and lip gloss are great too in my opinion.

    The brand is only available at True Colour at Ngee Ann City B1.


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      Their future skin foundation and their compact foundation are really one of the best in the market.

      Unfortunately they are only sold in *that* place and their prices are really tooooo much.

      It is better to stick to RMK or IPSA. They are as good and so much cheaper too.


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        In terms of colors i.e. lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows etc., I find that the color range leans towards the classic or the neutrals. If you want exciting colors or palettes etc., Chantecaille is not the brand. You are much better off with the Jap brands such as KP or RMK or IPSA. Also, Chantecaille does not release colors or products by the season i.e. they do not do have S/S or A/W collections - as and when they have are ready, they will release new stuff. HTHs !


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          how much is future skin foundation and the loose powder?


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            the last i remember, Future Skin is retailing at $110. but that was about 2 years ago. i'm not sure if True Colours has increased the price though.


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              Their eyeshadoes and lipglosses are very nice. The eyeshadows have a silky smooth texture and applies beautifully. The colours do tend towards the neutrals but there are some beautiful colours too. I like the Shine range. Their lipgloss is one of my favourite. It's non-sticky and gives a beautiful shine to the lips. I especially love Nectar.


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                dear you know where is the exactly location in Ngee Ann City B1? near where???
                i am going to try out the color of the future skin foundation tomorrow~


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                  It's between Country Road and Zara. Though not exactly opposite, but once there, you can't miss it.
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                    Thank you very much, dear~~~~


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                      I think their stuff is over hyped.I had their compact in Shell( SGD100 3 yrs back), nice packaging but the powder although very fine and light dun provide good coverag and oil control for me.
                      Their blusher costs abt SGD60 is only so so.MAC is better i think.
                      Heard that the lip gloss is worth a try .


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                        Oh well, i *might* just go out off topic here. but i do think that Chatecaille products are good and i would love to re-purchase them ONLY IF they are not sold in True Colours.

                        Had very bad experiences in the shop, not once not twice but everytime. You get the point? Even my enquries over the phone was badly-handled with this lady coughing driectly into the phone and pushing me to just pay first before i can reserve.

                        To me, the price of a product encompass the shopping experience as well and with the lousy customer service this shop have, and too bad that Chantecaille is only available at True Colors, I just can't find ways to justify the amount I'm paying.

                        Will only buy Chatecaille if they ever open a shop in Singapore or when I go overseas. :wave:


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                          dear ponine

                          i will go to the shop tomorrow...
                          i always scold the stuffs which are not provide good service^^...maybe i will say...if u r not happy to work then quit ???~ i am not spending money to buy this kind of "GOOD" service..... :piss:


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                            the staff are pretty alright. it's a certain lady who can be very very pushy. nonetheless, i hope you get your things tomorrow without too much hassle peipei.


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                              well, i wont get anything if they are not make me happy

                              i was asked my friend bought it from USA but i found out the price is quite ok see how ???...

                              i will go there and try the color first, if not haapy then i just call my friend to bring one for me ~~~^^

                              heard about that the loose power is very good, too...anyone use it before?
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