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Basic brushes for a newbie?

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  • Basic brushes for a newbie?

    Brush for loose powder, blusher and eyeshadow. What brand to invest in? Something that will last and versatile. I was kinda looking at bobbi brown's but dunno if they are good. Maybe some brand make better powder brush and some make good blusher brush.

    I am also tempted to try bobbi brown's gel eyeliner.

    Need recommendation and advice here. TIA

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    dont get bobbi brown's eye liner till you have decided on the following

    1) budget
    2) portability - if you want to carry around - if just placed at home any lengthe brush will do else travel sizes are really so much more portable. Esp if youare carrying more than 1 brush.
    3) containter for brushes - how user friend if a brush set is sold with a pouch - is the pouch big enough for the usual makeup items you carry around
    4) what brushes you need - basic, eye, eye liner, blusher, lip-- advanced powder brush, different eye chadow brushes at least 2 one for socket another for whole eye, concealer brush, etc

    I personally like MAC's collection at $90-95 or $70 for no pouch i dont know if the sets are still available - these travel brushes they have do not differ very much in quality of the full sized brushes & no smaller than the orginal sized brush except for the handles & given good brushes are usually $30-60 onwards a brush $70 for 5 brushes to me is a great deal & better still to meet the cotter who likes a matched set!

    but of you feel that you want the professional sized ones - buy them one by one to be easy on the pocket or look out for a good set to buy - it will set you back by about $200-300 a set.

    But for starters the Body shop's brushes are really good in quality & affordabiliy.


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      TBS brushes would be good to start with ...


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        These sound like a good deal And this consist of the all the neccessary brush for powder, blush, eye, lip etc?

        Will look out for TBS too.

        personally like MAC's collection at $90-95 or $70 for no pouch i dont know if the sets are still available - these travel brushes
        I don't usually put on make up, only when I am goin out with friends. Very basic compact powder and lipstick and ???'s it.

        For BB, the eyeliner needs to purchase with a liner brush too rt? I will go for that. But reading some of the review here, it seems BB's brush is not as good and over price compare to it's quality.
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          I personally like KP and Lola (not available in sg) brushes. I dislike MAC because the hairs can 'poke' me.

          You should visit some reputable cosmetic counter and feel the brushes yourself.


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            I don't really like TBS brushes because they're synthetic and I find that they don't really pick up the pigment in e/s or blushes that well.

            I would invest in a good brush set (MAC or Shu) even if I were starting out. I tried to start out mid-range by buying TBS, but ended up buying the good ones anyway


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              I recommend the MAC brush set which is usually available in holidays. They are portable and quite a steal for a few brushes of reasomable quality. Be prepare that the brush is not of highest quality. Usually those regular ones with long handles are much nicer. However, the brush is good in a way that it includes all brush you need in a make-up. If you find which particular brush you are interested, just buy that one in the long handle form.


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                yeah the MAC brush sets are GOOD got them last year when they came out with the holidazzle set. at first i found the blush brush poke but after a few washing, its soft like nothing... definitely good value


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                  I was looking thru the prev thread abt brushes. Getting quite confused and some of the info were for then, last apr.
                  Either a good brush set or start with basic ones like I may need a powder brush most urgently. I wanna get the BB gel eyeliner but not keen with their brush, so the good alternative?

                  Brush set seems a good investment if all the included pieces are what I will eventually use.

                  Was recommended the BB loose powder, is it a good choice?


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                    I'm sorry coffee, but I'm getting quite confused reading your post!

                    From what I gather, you are debating between getting a good brush set and a basic one?

                    The primary concern would be cost. How much are you prepared to pay? For a good brush from MAC, KP, or Shu, expect to be at least S$50 for a brush. In contrast, a brush from TBS would cost a maximum of S$50 probably.

                    The second concern is necessity - how much do you use your brushes? If you use them very often and you need to do technically demanding makeup application, then it would be better to invest in a good set of brushes. However, you've indicated that you don't use much makeup, only compact and lipstick.

                    Then, all you'd need is a big blusher/loose powder brush. The main difference is the size. I would advise you to get a blusher brush so it can double up as a LP brush. Try TBS as their brushes are of decent quality and well-shaped. If not, you could also check out I Nouvi. For a higher end brush, go for KP or Shu.

                    MAC's brush sets are definitely value for money but none are available right now.

                    As for eyeliner brushes, once again, I'd recommend MAC or Shu. Both have excellent eyeliner brushes, but you have to be prepared to pay.

                    If not, why don't you try getting an eyeliner pencil from MAC instead? Those are wildly popular here!

                    Lastly, for your question on BB LP, it's best to ask that in the relevant thread.



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                      Sorry to confuse u.

                      I am trying to decide to buy the basic 1st wch is LP brush that I need now.

                      Then I also dun mind getting the set if it is value for money and eventually I will use them.

                      I rather buy proper ones now then hving to change to oth brushes after a few months. So advice from all of u are valuable to a newbie like me.

                      I am using little make up now but am trying to learn to do more make up. So I need to invest in the right tools.

                      I am new here and so many threads... hehehe. Will try to go into those thread to ask gradually.


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                        Although TBS brushes are made of synthetic hair, but they are just as soft, I'm currently using TBS Face/Body Brush for loose powder. Although it doesnt pick up the powder very well, I cant complain for the kind of price I'm paying for it. And I'll toss out my brushes after one year of use, I want my brushes clean, I kind of have this idea that germs will grow in the hair...

                        So you've to see what your main concern is.


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                          Nah, no worries coffee. It's me who should apologise for being so blur!

                          I would say go for the TBS brushes if you don't want to spend too much. I know some girls like splurging on themselves and getting only the best though, so if you're one of those then go for Shu.

                          But seriously, the TBS would more than suffice unless you're doing v technically demanding makeup application. The first brush I got (my mom bought it for me from Sasa) is still going strong, five years from now. As long as you keep your brushes in good condition, taking care not to crush the shape and washing/disinfecting them regularly (about once a week), your brushes will last pretty long!

                          Most makeup artists I know seldom change their brushes after buying the 'good' ones. good brushes are really an investment! I know Lea is using a Shu brush her mom got nearly 2 decades ago.


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                            If I were you, I would spurlge.. it's just a personal preference though. I like to spend on good quality brushes because a good brush really helps in application! No kidding! With the right brush, you can blend, apply with precision which is very important for a good make-up.
                            However, in your case, if you want a powder brush, it will probably cost a lot. A decent powder costs at least HKD$350. If you think you don't really demand a lot in your make-up, maybe the TBS one is good enough!


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                              sorry to side track a little.........does anyone knows where can i find those portable brushes that are "retractable "? I used to see them at TBS but they are not on sale anymore.