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  • What's in your makeup bag?

    hi there its one of those threads again hehe just wondered what make up bags u gals used and what u keep in it . this will be interesting as we will see how much make up u realy carry around with u hehe

    mine are:

    i have got a snoopy makeup bag small one.. with:

    *snoopy lipbalm
    *lychee lancome jt
    *mac prunella eyeliner
    *sample face cream
    *mac blot
    *blusher ruby and millie
    *blusher brush small shu uemura

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    I use a small m)phosis pouch and bring along staples to bring me from day to night!

    - Chanel cream blush stick
    - Baby Pink pressed powder compact
    - Shu Uemura Pro Spots concealor
    - Prescriptives GWP size black eyeliner
    - Bobbi Brown Tearose Lip Tint
    - Clean & Clear Blotters
    - Small perfume atomiser
    - Foldable comb


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      Gee I realised I don't exactly have a special pouch set aside for storing makeup in my bags. It changes according to the bag I carry for the day and whether the bag is big enough to contain another pouch.

      Usually, I carry around:

      Lipgloss - I tote around a few (MAC Nymphette, Revealing...)depends on my mood but BB Buff is almost always in my bag

      Cream Blush -Stila Gerbera

      Facial blotter


      MAC eye kohl - Powersurge, to wake eyes up if I go out after school

      Oops I can't believe that is all. Maybe I ought to carry around more eyeliners and a face powder but I can be so lazy to reapply.
      I only blot my face and reapply my lipgloss, not giving my makeup stash enough use.


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        I'm using different ones according to the sizes of the bag that I'm carrying, but they are mainly gwp from the counters. You can easily find the following items inside my pouch (but not all at the same time):

        - Lipglosses from different brands (baby pink, bloom, biotherm, neutrogena, stila, rmk and etc)
        - Lip balm
        - Lip brush
        - Stila angel light powder foundation
        - Stila 4 pans palette with e/s & blushers (if not will be mac e/s palette)
        - Blusher brush
        - Becca concealer
        - Facial blotter
        - Eyebrow pencil


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          I probably have the simplest make-up bag!

          I seldom reapply make-up....


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            I usually just chuck lipbalm, lipgloss and blotters into my bag. Too lazy to bother with reapplying makeup.

            If I'm staying over at my bf's then I'll have concealer, blusher, eyelash curler and Stila #19 brush (dipped in loose powder first for setting my concealer) in my red Prada drawstring pouch.


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              I do not have a make-up pouch. I just dump whatever I need into the bag I am carrying for the day. But since I do not do touch-ups, all I have is my lipstick/lipgloss and a comb


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                i don't usually carry a makeup pouch coz i don't do touch ups as well. i'll just dump a lipgloss in my bag in case i look too dead.

                but if i'm staying over at my bf's place, i'll carry the basic stuff.

                *PX makeup pouch
                *IPSA foundation
                * KP loose powder
                * Benefit Dandelion
                * MAC tinted lipconditioner
                *Loreal Mascara (the dual-sided one)


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                  That's when I'm working:

                  - loose powder
                  - lip balm
                  - lipstick
                  - lipgloss
                  - eyeshadows
                  - blushers
                  - eyelash curler
                  - eyebrow pencil
                  - eyeliner
                  - compact mirror
                  - blotter
                  - eyedrops
                  - moisturiser

                  Normal day outs are simple. Just lip balm and lipgloss will do for me.


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                    Im using a muji makeup pouch...

                    some of the items are:
                    loccitane shea butter lipbalm
                    lipgloss (no fix one..i keep changing around)
                    RMK pressed powder
                    Maybelline lash expansion mascara
                    MAC blushers/jane blushers
                    ipsa blotters


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                      I use my MAC pouch!

                      All I bring is:
                      - Shu Depsea Spray Mist
                      - IPSA pressed powder compact
                      - IPSA blotters
                      - Lip balm
                      - mirror
                      - tissues

                      If I stay over at my bf's place...
                      - IPSA fdtn
                      - KP Undertone Lightup
                      - KP loose powder compact
                      - MAC brow pencil
                      - blusher
                      - eyeliners
                      - lip balm
                      - lip gloss
                      - blusher/powder brush


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                        I use one from M>phosis too! Some staples i have in there:
                        -MAC Lust Lipglass
                        -Baby Pink Peach lipgloss
                        -Eyelash Curler
                        -Shu Uemura Pro Spots Concealer
                        -KP Loose Powder/MAC Studio Fix
                        -Eyeliner-of-the-day (or e/s if applicable)
                        -Eye drop
                        -Blusher brush
                        -Small tube of H2O+ moisturiser


                        • #13

                          - Laneige click lip gloss
                          - RMK lipstick (black berry colour)
                          - Laneige gloss lipstick (light pink)
                          - portable loose powders (brands vary)
                          - Korean brand eyebrow pencil (bought in Korea)
                          - Neutrogener lip balm
                          - a Sample bottle Laneige moisturizer (used as hand cream or dry area on the skin, I have dozens of these small bottles. Given free by the Korean SA during my korea trip)
                          - $1.99 compact mirror
                          -a small blackhead remover (I can't stand it when I see an obvious blackhead during touchup. I must remove it even though the act will make my skin red later)
                          - The BodyShop's lip pencil

                          I have the tendency to bring two different tones of lipsticks wherever I go. This is a precautionary measure. In case I wear a wrong tone due to the clothes I wear or I may wish to change the tone to reflect/change my mood.


                          • #14
                            I have 2 MU pouch, one for weekdays and one for weekend:

                            (1) Weekday:
                            - Marks and Spencer Flawless Complexion powder for touch up
                            - KP Stick concealer
                            - Burt's Bee Beewax lip balm
                            - BB Bronzing powder/ KP #26 blusher
                            - CD hydrating eye concealer
                            - Prescriptives Soft Lining pencil in Slate
                            - EL MagnaScopic Mascara
                            - Mac Virtuous Violet/Plum Perfect Lip Balm

                            (2) Weekend
                            - J&J oil blotters
                            - Dandelion
                            - Vasaline


                            • #15
                              i'm using the free makeup pouch given by female! heehee~

                              anyway, my pouch is very simple:

                              -eyelash curler
                              -maybelline lip gloss
                              -maybelline loose powder
                              -eyebrow powder
                              -loreal concealer

                              although i bring my pouch everyday, i hardly touch it! unless to use the mirror or something. haha.