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  • anti-pollution skincare

    Do you girls know of any skincare products to help combat pollution?

    The pollution in London is so bad, it's giving me tonsillitis and my skin is breaking out. I need something to provide my skin with some protection.

    I'm using Origins Make A Difference Serum for day, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

    Any suggestions would be much-appreciated.

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    Hi Xue, sorry to hear you haven't been well.

    The first thing that comes to mind is Helena Rubinstein's Urban Active - it protects against UVA/B rays and pollution and is also an excellent makeup base. It's pricey, but feels gorgeous on skin. Worth a look perhaps?

    Edited to add: It should be available in various department stores in London, but the only one I'm certain of is Selfridges.
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      Biotherm has a range called Hydra-Detox, supposed to combat the effects of pollution in our busy city lifes.

      The cleanser has a mild scrubbing effect and the moisturiser is rather light. You may like to take a look at it.

      Taking some antioxidant supplements may help - esp vit C and E.

      hope this helps!


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        the only solution i can think of is to use a deep cleansing mask religiously every week so that all the gunk is sucked out of your face. also apply sunblock religiously?


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          Thanks girls, will check out the recs

          Lumos: right now, I use Angel on Bare Skin every morning. it's mildly exfoliating. I also use Mask of Magnaminty, a deepcleansing mask weekly, and Ocean Salt, a scrub, weekly too.

          Hopefully, this will help!!


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            a bit out of the question here, but why dont u try investing in a air purifier? That is if the air within your room is also not that good....


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              hmm i dont use a lot of stuff but i always try to air my room
              and steam my face using a basin of hot water dont know whether it helps, but if i am diligent enough i put a few drops of essential oils


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                Pixash: The funny thing is, it's the air in my room that's perfectly fine. the air that's giving me problems is that on the street, in the restuarants, in school... basically everywhere else in london!

                nat: steaming sounds like a plan!


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                  "sounds like a plan" my devious colleague and i always use this term in the office to plan nottie sneak outs!


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                    Hmm. How now then? guess you gotta stay outta smoky places and steam your face more often... using those essential oils are definitely are a good idea.... try doing it more often and drink lotsa and lotsa water plus lotsa fruit juices to detox your body daily and rid it of all the toxins in the air..... Ive heard lotsa good things about mum has some book on juices and all its benefits ...i'll go look for any ideas and let ya know..if ya cant stay away from the bad air, guess the only way is to wear a mask (no way right? lol) or simply clear your body of all the toxins u breathe in....


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                      Thanks girl, that's really sweet of you!! I guess I just need a way to detox regularly. Was seriously considering wearing a mask, but decided that would look way too weird.


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                        i've never used this before, but the description alone on sephora sounds good enough!

                        Blisslabs Moisture Lotion:- Antioxidant loaded Moisture Lotion packs free-radical fighting punch, has a host of humectants, boosts the skin's barrier, does battle with your blotches, foils excess oil and keeps the complexion peace.

                        sounds like a miracle in a bottle!


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                          it does indeed! Thanks for the tipoff. I'm off to search for more info on it!


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                            i was at the derm yesterday and came across a magazine which featured the new cleansers from Chanel. you're supposed to use both the milk and the foaming cleansers for makeup removal and for cleansing the skin. apparently, they have added some anti-pollutant stuff in the cleansing products.

                            following info straight from the chanel webby.

                            The CHANEL Research Laboratories have identified a powerful anti-pollution agent : extract of Nebeday.

                            The SYST?MES anti-pollution cleansers, all containing extract of Nebeday, cleanse the skin perfectly and remove the main forms of outdoor and indoor pollution. The SYST?MES are available in a choice of textures, refreshing gel or mousse (rinse-off) or creamy milk (without water), combining skincare and pleasure in a practical and luxurious packaging."

                            i'm interested in the invigorating cleansing milk from the Eclat range.

                            Delicate, silky-soft, white milk, fragranced with wisteria and honeysuckle accords.

                            Dual anti-pollution action : purifying and deep-cleansing to combat atmospheric pollution and indoor pollutants. Cell-energising and antioxidant action. 11% improvement in the radiance of the complexion after one week of use.

                            Combination of a plant extract, seaweed extracts and marine trace elements, to restore skin radiance. Non-comedogenic.


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                              IIRC, Dermalogica has a range for that.... something abt "Environmental Control" pdts which I think
                              Skin Barrier,
                              Ultra Calming Cleanser are some if the ptds.

                              Perhaps you can try those.