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    Wow I burned one of my 16 Trapp votives and I love it!! By cold throw they smell very delicious and yummy. I think the scent by bigger comany is more consistant compare to SSC. Anyway, I burned Tuberose and the scent is to die for!! Floral but not too overpowering. Even my mom with sensitive nose (she can't take foody ) like it! I was worried if votive is enough for the scent throw and I'm surprise Trapp's votive can scented the whole living room. Can't wait to burn the rest of them and will definitely re-purchase. Next time will be a bigger size with the scent I tried and love! Tuberose will be in the list of course A moderate priced candle compare to Diptique's Tuberose!

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    Am thinking of getting some votives to try. So which scents would you recommend? Btw, how would you compare ssc's scent throw to the votives or would the bigger sized candles be better?


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      Jazzy, The scent throw of Trapp votives are pretty good. The only thing I lack was a proper votive holder. A good holder is compact & tight & ensures a good scent pool. I use most of my Trapp votives as tarts.

      Scents - Honey Grapefruit, Tangerine Melon are yummy fruity ones I love. If you like Fig, try Fig Apricot, not a cloying fig scent, the apricot adds a nice fruity touch to it. In fact most of the fruity ones I tried even Ginger Lime is alright. BUT I do dislike Blackberry Vanilla as it smells like an old lady's perfume to me.

      & offers free shipping within the US with US$99 purchase. Have fun shopping!


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        So far i had better luck with Trapp scents than tarts.

        Guava Mango, Tangerine Melon and Fig apricot are scents that won't go far wrong. Great scent throw too!

        I love the Tuberose but sadly hubby thinks it's too heady.