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    Hi everyone,

    it seems that Clinique's cosmetics are not very well received by the public..

    Im using their superlight weight oil free foundation, loose powder, blusher and concealer right now, and sad to say, of all these pdts, im only satisfied with the blusher...the rest just seems to not work for me...oxidises very fast...

    how abt everyone here? rants/raves abt their pdts?

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    the blusher colour is nice, but the quality of the powder is bad.

    i tried the loose powder, and it gave me clogged pores and pimples! :pissed:

    so now i avoid getting anything from clinique.


    • #3 seems that their pdts which claim to have oil-control properties dun really work as they describe...

      my face gets oily very shortly after abt 2-3 hours after i first apply the makeup...shessh....

      think im switching to a whole new range and brand of make up..


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        No clinque for me either. The only product I like from Clinque is the black honey lippie...


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          Have tried their Superfit foundation a long time back. Gave me clogged pores, so it's a no-no.

          Black honey lippie? Meow, you mean the Almost range of lip colours? Thought black honey is no long around? :huh:


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            I'm another one who's very unimpressed by this brand. Their makeup oxidises easily and their infamous 3-step skincare system is harsh enough to unclog my kitchen sink and wash my dishes(which is exactly what I did after trying it out for a few days)


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              my friend had a clinique blush and it caked on her after a few months...i had an e/s duo but found the pigmentation ok only

              i do like their lip products tho' namely lipsticks and the glosswear. lipsticks are some of the best on the market and they're not expensive, i use long last soft shine in baby kiss and moisture sheer in sheer petal. glosswear smells yucky but they have some pretty colors


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                My regret for buying clinique fdn, has been on my shelf for monthssss and not able to sell or swap it away!!!!!!!


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                  Clinique is hard to's so cheap in US anyway.
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                    Originally posted by vixette
                    i like the perfume -Happy Heart!!!

                    smelt it in a US mag. new one, to be launched soon in sg i think!
                    I'm not sure if it's going to be available here. But i went to DFS @ orchard and i tested Happy Heart, i love the smell too! But there's a sign saying that it's exclusive to DFS. So i'm not sure if it'll be at other department stores.


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                      oh yes clinique happy is quite am interested to go get a whiff of happy heart!


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                        clinique & prescriptives

                        Any good stuff to recommend for these 2 brands?
                        My school's holding a sale tmrw and we can get them at a lower price...

                        Anyone needs anything??


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                          Heard that the Prescriptives Foundation brush is good


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                            Maybe you want to try Traceless foundation and the prescriptives false eyelashes mascara (I get full pretty lashes using this one).
                            Nothing else that I know of from prescriptives...

                            Clinique hmn...tried quite a lot of their makeup but no longer a fan. Think they are better for skincare...Moisture surge light is a nice and light gel moisturizer


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                              I really like the Diffusion liner from Px! It's not one of those makeup necessities I guess, but it helps define my lipline really well.

                              From Clinique, I love their lipglosses. All the pot forms are discontinued here, but I was able to find them in the pots in the Singapore airport (YAY!!!!!). I don't know if they're discontinued there now too? In any case, even in the wand form, I guess they're still pretty nice =). They are pretty sticky though, but that's how I like my glosses since more stickiness usually equals more lasting power for me.