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  • beauticontrol

    I used to have really bad and dry lips that'll peel and bleed. But after using this lip balm from beauticontrol, even friends and relatives have noticed the major change in condition of my lips. Definitely a product worth trying.

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    Hi Claryce, please avoid using sms language as we have international cotters here. Thanks for the understanding.


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      Claryce, could you share where this brand would be found?
      Thanks in advance!


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        beauticontrol products can be bought from any tupperware dealers you see in shopping centres.'s the same tupperware that sells plastic housewares but beauticontrol is a well established company in the states and tupperware bought over the company recently. a cousin recommended their products to me not long ago and i think it's certainly worth a try


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          Thanks gal! Would check it out... lips pretty dry and chapped... :roll:


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            I recommend the skinlogics whitening skincare series! It rocks!!! it consists of the following items:

            Skinlogics White foaming cleasner
            Skinlogics White softening toner
            Skinlogics white intensive whitening complex
            Skinlogics White moisturising UV protector (to be used in day only)
            Skinlogics White hyrdating Night creme (to be used at night)

            it's oil free! after using this range my face has become clearer, fairer and smoother. Even my mum's relatives and my friends commented that my face has become fairer!! hehehe...

            i know some girls here probably think what the heck is beauticontrol..and probably wouldn't buy it because it's pretty unknown. but i simply love this whitening range. if not i wouldn't be recommending it. :p only minus side...pretty expensive...however, it really works. so no complaints from me