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E-tailer Body Wash / Shower Gel Recs

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  • E-tailer Body Wash / Shower Gel Recs

    hi everyone! am looking to buy some body wash or shower gel from an e-tailer. any specific recs? my criteria are: 1. must not be too drying, yet must lather up fairly nicely for a good clean wash 2. must smell divine! tall order?

    would appreciate any raves/rants! TIA

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    Love Scentful Bliss Aloe shower gel. No SLS, strongly scented and a great price


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      MMU! Great packaging but it was super expensive after I paid the exchange rate & shipping. SLS free & smelled really delicious. Will never order again unless I migrate to Canada.


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        I've tried MMU's too. Their honey & milk base bodywashes (you can choose how you want to scent this base) lathers up well, not too drying. But I find that quality can differ. I ordered 4 different scents and found that one of them left my skin feeling a tad waxy. Could just be me though.

        Also, despite strong-scenting all the bodywashes I got, I find that their scents don't really last for long. Poudre de Bebe (a baby powder scent) doesn't even last the minute I step out of the shower. The fruity, foody scents are better though.

        I think of all the brands I tried, surprisingly its BBW & TBS that have long lasting shower scents.

        Etailer-wise...Oh! S&L makes a great wash too. I really love their shea butter bodywashes. Very moisturizing, doesn't leave your skin waxy, lathers up very very well and has a sniff that lasts & lasts.
        I almost forgot about this gem since I used up my Mac Apple I had of it. IIRC, their shipping & prices are pretty reasonable too, less expensive than MMU.

        edit to add: MMU makes the most fab whipped shaving creams though. They are powerfully scented (I chose mine in Pineapple sugar & medium scented) and just leave you absolutely silky!
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