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which fragrance should i buy?

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  • which fragrance should i buy?

    hi there just wanted your opions as i cannot decide btween?

    gucci eau de parfum 2 the new one

    giorgia armani white she

    ck eternity love the pink bottle which is limited edtion.

    if possible can people that have tried any of the above 3 gimme their views on it and tell me what it smells like

    thanx alot

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    gucci eau de parfum II! because im in love with it.


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      I'm going to be very naughty here. Get all three! *lol*

      On a serious note, I've only tried Gucci EDP II and I used to have a GA She in a gold-ish bottle and a GA HE for my bf.

      Personally, I think CK perfume is not worth the money. They just never smell good on me and give me a splitting headache.

      As for GA He-She perfume range, they smell the same to me. They are all cloying sweet and dry-down always smells vanilla to me.

      Your best bet: Gucci EDP II. I love the PINK and I think the bottle screams sophistication (sp?). Basing this on memory, this is such a pretty fruit-floral and there's a green-ness to this that I like (I remember I told this to Xue where I sampled this at Seiyu).

      Perfumes are very subjective. Test these three on your skin and let us know how you like them

      Do report back and tell us what you get in the end!


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        The GA white She one smelled very fresh to me at first but after the dry down, it smells like any other perfume IMHO.
        I really liked the top note but the bottom note is just blah blah. It just reminded me of the The Body Shop's White musk after wearing it for a while and I really feel its not worth the $$ but do give it a try on your skin and see how you find it. It just might THE scent!

        I bought this on impulse and I got sick of this after 1 month.
        This might help you to decide if the perfume's really for you:

        Bergamot, Mandarin, Black Currant Leaves, Green Fig Leaf, White Wood, Ginger, White Musk.
        Fresh and pure.

        Hope this helps for this perfume! Have not tried the others you have mentioned tho'.