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  • Senscience shampoo

    Anyone heard of the Senscience Hair care range? Someone recommended the 'straight sense' range to me and it's the best i've used so far.

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    I love the conditioner. It makes my hair really soft without weighing it down. Never tried anything else ..


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      I've used this before- the shampoo and conditioner when i did my first rebonding... probably 1 1/2 yrs ago...

      Can't remember much as it was quite some time back.
      Was reccomended by the stylist. It did weigh down my hair and maintained the rebonded straightness of the hair. But i remembered a constant hair drop, not sure :huh: if it's because the shampoo is too strong.
      Just for your info, I've switch to another brand for my current rebonded hair.



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        Im using the condition for medium hair. Not bad. The shampoo sucks though. A tad too drying


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          I have used the shampoo and conditioner before too.. thought it was just ok... prefer the loreal oleo range..


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            Bought this after reading some review. Love it!

            Itmakes my hair so soft and not so frizzy.
            B4 this I have tried Kerastase, Loreal, Phillip Kinsleys conditioner treatment (elasticity?) etc....

            But this is the best -for me.


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              any more reviews on their shampoo or conditioners?

              are their shampoos generally very rich?


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                for rebonded hair, sebastian laminates is the one to go for if you have dry hair. i use other shampoos but stick to its conditioner. the shampoo weighs my hair down and oily sometimes.

                Occasionally I use Senscience Straight Sense. So far, ok!

                OOT, Redkens Hair Addictive Transformer is the best one I tried. It can be used as a conditioner or leave-in conditioner. Leaves hair silky and soft to the touch. It is expensive though, around $27 for a small spritz bottle.


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                  which conditioner is better? sebastian laminates or senscience?


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                    i started using senscience shampoo and conditioner almost 4 years ago. was recommended by my hairstylist then after i rebonded my hair. i loved it. kept my rebonded hair straight for more than a year, grew almost to my waist, and lots of people complimented my hair.

                    since then i have rebonded my hair another 2 times and kept trying to find other conditioners that worked as well, but i always find myself going back to senscience. and recently found out that a friend of mine has been using senscience for ages like me too.

                    so i guess senscience really suited my long fine hair. i used the range for 'coarse' hair type, its the most conditioning of the senscience range.. i've tried the straight sense range, but it didnt get my hair soft and smooth as the original one.

                    however a couple of colleagues i introduced senscience to dint really like it, they had thick coarse hair and mentioned that it dint give her hair the 'straight' look she wanted.. so i gues sit really depends on your hair type...


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                      thanks..seems like senscience products are really quite rich! too bad i dont think my scalp can take it..
                      will like to give it a try though..


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                        Originally posted by Dewy
                        thanks..seems like senscience products are really quite rich! too bad i dont think my scalp can take it..
                        will like to give it a try though..
                        Heylo Dewy, if u wanna try oni, mayb can try 2 buy the small bots @ beauty shops like Beauty Language? I *** CK Dept Store (basement) @ Chinatown sells it too.


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                          well Dewy, if you're afraid it might be too oily for your scalp, perhaps u can try the one for 'medium' hair instead. i've tried the shampoo and conditoner once, when the 'coarse' hair ones were sold out.. they're not bad too, just not as rich..

                          btw, i've been searching for the 'coarse' hair conditioner, it seems to be sold out everywhere.. i've tried lee *** and a couple of other discount shops.. heard from one shopkeeper they are discontinuing the current senscience range and launching them in new packaging, which will cost $10 more.. was so disappointed to hear..

                          but since it's the only thing that can save my hair on bad days, i'll just have to fork out the extra.. still waiting for them to be out though.. let me know if you spot them recently and where kay? the 1 litre conditioner usually costs bout $28 at lee ***.. i am running on empty here..


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                            wow $10 is alot..


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                              anyone tried their c.p.r treatment or something like that for hair? states to strength cuticles and come in ampoule form i think..sold at $10.90 at venus