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What have you rediscovered lately?

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  • What have you rediscovered lately?

    my Shu e/s in ME Silver 945, IR Beige, MAC frost pigment & using Kose Sekkisei Lotion with paper masks.
    oh and the RMK lip palette

    What are yours?
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    Mac's Bare Canvas Paint - *** silly tube oozed so much when I first used it and because I was trying not to waste the damn paint, I had to slap on a rather thick amount (which was horrible, of course). I actually had it up for swap until I decided to give it another shot. So glad I did because it didn't go all ooze-crazy this time and my e/s lasted nearly a full day. No creasies too!

    Stila Lip Polish - I thought I was allergic to their lippies until I discovered that it was probably the brush the MAs were using (they informed me they sanitise using some alcohol solution). I got one in a recent swap and it didn't cause any strange reaction.

    Shu Winter Accents Palette - no idea why I did not use this for a whole year until recently. Fantastic colours, fantastic quality!

    EL skincare - the past 2 months I purchased a whole lotta EL. I hated their skincare before because I felt they were overhyped, overscented and overharsh (er... two of the words used don't exist so don't bother looking up a dictionary ). However, they've reformulated some of their products and introduced truck loads of new ones. So far, so good but I'm still knocking on wood!


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      RMK's creamy foundation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and

      KP's Micro Loose Powder


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        my Stila AOS #9! it was the very swap item that brought me to CozyCot. dug it out from the back of my cosmetics pouch. anyways, used it on my lids for some extra sparkle.


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          God loads! My HR and Bloom eyeshadows. A total of 5 shades!! Wonder why I kept them in the drawer for so long and never get to use it.
          My Bloom lipglosses in strawberry, raspberry, tint and melon. Gosh... I wish I have more lips.
          Oh.. and my Lancome blush.


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            I've recently rediscovered .. lipsticks

            Don't know why, I think I'm slowly outgrowing my lipgloss phase


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              Hey Jo, I'm in the same league as you! I bought my 10th lipstick this week! I rediscovered the EL skincare line as well. They're fantastic!


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                was started to grow out of lipgloss phase as well.....recently into lipsticks and e/s.....


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                  pearl white eye liners.


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                    Your Recent Makeup Best Finds!

                    Hi Mods, like to set up some rules for this thread if you are agreeable:

                    This thread is for cotters to share their recently discovered cosmetics products that worked some wonders for them.
                    Product: for example (whatever info you want to provide): brand, name, price, where to get it
                    Difference that it made: what is the wow factor that it gave you that you want to rave about.

                    THIS IS MEANT AS A REFERENCE
                    Any questions, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do a search on the forum for the answer before posing it here.
                    Avoid discussion in this thread, bring it to the relevant product or brand thread, like "foundation" or "MAC" etc.
                    That it worked for some cotters, means that it may or may not work for you. Nothing beats testing it out in person if possible for you to judge if it's something that work for you. Weirdly, after all the questioning, yes, we still troop down to the counter ultimately. And seriously, how out of reach is Orchard Road to a typical Singaporean


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                      Amazed by how my face looked with this combo: Px Traceless foundation, Tarte gel blush, dusted over with TLC powder.

                      Product: Px Traceless Foundation, $56 (still available at Tangs)
                      Why: On my good skin days, it really evens out the skin tone with a luminous glow. And with TLC dusted over, it lasts the whole day!

                      Product: Tarte gel blush, available online
                      Why: I tried Flush and Tickled Peach. The stickiness doesn't really bothered me after l/p. What I'm left with (with or without l/p) is a from-the-skin-flush that glows. Beautiful! Didn't quite acheive this effect before with cream or powder blush.

                      Product: DoDo Club automatic eyebrow pencil :$6.90, Orchard Cineleisure basement.
                      Why: this is going to give brow pencil elite Shu Uemura a run for it's money! The texture is perfect, not the soft waxy type that leave ugly streaks. It is firm enough to deposit colour evenly and last a whole day. (I've got oily face mind you). At this price, it's :wow: and comes in a classy silver body with a spiral brush at one end.

                      So these are the stuff that got me recently.


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                        I'm amazed by how my redness was covered:

                        Product: MAC's hyper real foundation $48 (All Mac counters)
                        Why: It goes on sheer but still have coverage. My skintone was evened out and looks dewy and healthy. Previously I was using almost everything under the sun, initially I thought I look fine but by mid noon I noticed that my face was a total different shade as compared to my neck.

                        Product: MAC's select sheer compact powder $38 (All MAC counters)
                        Why: This compact powder doesn't just "float" on my skin, it adheres really well and I could seriously find my exact skin color. After applying this product, my skin looks sheer and nice.

                        Product: KATE's mascara base $14.90 (Orchard OG)
                        Why: This is the only product next to Ayura's mascara base that holds my curls and it doesn't clump up.