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  • Lashes, Foundation, Eyeliner.

    Anyone used Loreal Double Extension Mascara? Do you find it dry and makes your lashes fake? Anyone has recommendations of nice mascara that makes your lashes natural and not-so-dry?

    Which pressed powder minimize your chances of having clogged pores? I have oily skin..... and I wash thoroughly everyday...
    Also, how many of you actually break out after u started using pressed powder? Even though you do cleanse up thoroughly each day... Tell me more okie..

    How do u use eyeliner? I like the japanese-doll-eyes effect...
    Is eyeliner common in Singapore? Is it too exaggerating?

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    I haven't tried L'oreal Lash extension but I think a few things you can do to minimize that fake effect. First of all, wipe the white mascara want on the tissue paper to reduce the amount of fibre first. Secondly, use a lash comb to comb through your lashes before apply the black end to prevent fibre clogging. If you really want natural lashes, I suggest trying Maybelling Full and Soft. I find it really natural.

    I am not quite sure paticular brand about powder foundation. From my own experience, high sunscreen makes me break out. Moreover, watch out an ingredients like lanolin, mineral oils, for more infomation check this out A list of comedogenic ingredients

    Lastly, putting eyeliner needs some practise. I love MAC powerpoint because it's very easy to manage. There are so many forms of eyeliner, liquid, gel, cake, pencil, etc. I know japanese girls love using liquid but it's the hardest to manage. I would suggest using gel or cake liner to create the liquid liner look.

    Hope the above info helps!


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      hey there,i've tried loreal double extension mascara,& i think it works quite well,lotsa people haf commented that my eye lashes looked very long. think it costs ard $20 i guess. i got that free so i only used it a couple of times. tried fashio before but i feel loreal extension is better.
      on the lookout for mascaras that can make my eyelashes look fatter & thicker rather than longer coz my eyelashes are quite long & it touches my specs! ( but anyway,i only wear specs at home! )
      i'll b popping by at MAC to check out the mascara there,heheh..will let u *** if its good.

      i am using ettusais pressed powder nw & i quite like it, coz the colour is just right for me. actually i have 2 colours, i bought the darker tone when i had a tan. nope,my face did'n breakout when i started using pressed powder, i only haf zits when its that time of the month :piss:
      but normally i like to use loose powder after liquid foundation coz i feel it looks more natural.


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        i use double extension mascara.
        you have to wait until the white is dry before applying the black. and when you apply the black, you must make sure that you don't overload the brush else you will get clumps. i always have to wipe down the black mascara wand before i apply it else it clumps my lashes like crazy!

        however it definitely lengthens and looks lovely especially when they are curled.

        as for eyeliner, i prefer pencil eyeliners rather than liquid liners because i like to smudge it for a more natural look. liquid is more dramatic on me. i only apply it to the outer corners of my eyes - makes them look bigger. some like to line their entire lid.


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          i like the way the japanese girls do their eye makeup too. i have both liquid & pencil eyeliners.on my lazy days i'll use a glitter eyepencil coz i can just smudge it alittle & i dun need to use e/s.kekeke....


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            if u want the jap doll effect it'll be best to use liquid eyeliner..i use the l'oreal superliner in brown (passes off as black), i'm on my sixth or seventh bottle haha took me a while to master putting eyeliner..yes its common in s'pore. shake the tube..and just follow the contours of ur upper eyelash line..and if u make a slight mistake its easy to wipe it off with fingers..i dont know bout other brands.

            im not too keen on the l'oreal mascaras i find it the packaging too big and the effect too dramatic ( on the models haha) i prefer something subtler like the body shop ones and the kosee Visee Dolly mascara will always be the top of my list.

            as for pressed powder..which brand did u use? i think the body shop ones are quite safe and less prone to break u have sensitive skin?


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              Thanks guys.. Been practising with the DoubleExt mascara, so it's quite ok for me now...

              Ive to throw it away soon though, cause it's been 3-4 mths since Ive opened it... Anyone knows any mascara which hold curls very well...? (I have stubborn lashes )

              laa_cat> Ive tried combing.. it works. Thanks

              Jeandy> Where to get a glittery eyepencil?

              she_said_so> Exactly.. it clumps like crazy!

              scrapdoll> My silly hands just wont draw a smooth curve at my upper lashline :roll: Guess I'll need lotsa practise at home. Ya i have sensitive skin.


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                i've been using 2 mascaras, 1 is Fasio long extension which i find hold my curled lashes very well, i use a heated eyelash curler. even after i remove them at night, they still retained the curl but the tiny fibres in the mascara might sometimes fall on your cheeks so gotta be careful about that. the other 1 is the EL Magnascopic which i find is totally useless in holding curls, in fact it straightened out my lashes after putting on so now i use it over the Fasio one when i want more volume. hth!~


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                  aveline, where did you get your heated curler? how much is it? you just need to curl it once and the curl will stay i assume?


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                    you can probably get a lot more information by splitting up your questions and checking out existing threads on relevant topics.

                    For example, there's a thread devoted to eyeliners -->
                    and an entire one devoted to MAC eyeliners -->

                    CozyCot would strongly recommend that you use our search function ( to find existing threads on the topics you are interested in first, before starting a new thread of your own.

                    jeandy: what does 'kekeke' mean? :huh:


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                      Shiseido> i got my heated eyelash curler abt 3 yrs ago in JB when i went shopping there. it's only RM$10 then, very cheap. but after using for so long, it's starting to die on me. will need a change pretty soon. u can find them in lotsa places like Sasa, i think even watsons carry them. and yes, u basically curl it once and you'll get a nice curl, personally i do each eye twice. it's really your preference hth!~


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                        i think Maybelline lash discovery is super subtle. Not dramatic at all. good for mascara newbies


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                          ataraxia: I know. Someone pointed this out to me before. But this thread started sometime back. I'm just replying to the later posts.

                          aveline: Thanks. I'm checking out Sasa tomorrow. What's the brand for yours?

                          Sugarbean: Same goes to Maybelline's Full and Soft. It's really soft, natural, non-dramatical. My lashes always look thick with my previous mascaras, so when I was looking into the mirror after I used the Full and Soft for the first time, it seemed that I haven't applied anything on the lashes at all!


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                            lashes: heat my shu uemura curler 1st then curl lashes, use one coat of lancome definicils, heat + curl again, then one final coat of definicils. If I missed any lashes I use my laura mercier curler to get the un-curled bits!

                            powder: im using the stila IPF, and it hasn't given meany problems at all. I'm acne prone, and I had extremely sensitive-eczema-red skin all last year, and it was the only powder I can use. It looks natural & when used alone, I'm told my skin is 'radiant.'

                            Jap doll-eye look: 1st of all, I find most girls trying to emulate the jap-look end up looking quite terrible & tacky. WAY too much eyeliner for daytime, & it tends to work only with people who have big eyes to begin with. Fair skin helps too. The Japanese girls I've met tend not to do the liquid eyeliner look either. I think the best liner look is achieved with a push brush + wet eyeshadow!


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                              I have naturally long and full lashes. I like tubing mascaras a lot and I love ordinary version of Loreal Double extension, it is actually my favourite mascara. But Beauty tubes was a disappointment for me, I had very high expectations for this but it didn’t work for me as good as I wanted it to work. The white base coat is really really good! Maybe even better version of the original white base which is in normal Double extension mascara. It separates my lashes very well. But I didn’t like how it works with the black top coat. You can get OK-lashes (long and pretty) with this mascara. But when it is time to remove the mascara the problem begins. I really hated the way that this mascara felt when I removed it away. Beauty tubes is some kind of fibre mascara and when you wash it off it gets away in small pieces. It really felt not good, and it was very messy to remove. Small black mascara fibres were all around the bathroom sink.. I also felt like while removing this mascara I also lost some lashes because the mascara fibres were so sticky. Because of that lashloose I didn’t want to use it anymore so I ended up to throw it away.

                              All in all, you can get with Beauty tubes quite nice and pretty lashes, it builds up your own lashes quite well. Also the price is quite good. But if you don’t have nerves to a bit difficult removing process this mascara is maybe not for you. I do not recommend it because I felt that this mascara really did no good to my lashes, and I hated wash it away. But only way to know does this mascara work for you is to try it yourself. (: