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Which toner & moisturiser???

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  • Which toner & moisturiser???

    Hi girls,
    I've decided to invest on good toner and moisturiser for my super dry and sensitive skin which is prone to flakiness. Pls recommand me any toner and moisturiser which is suitable for my skin, and preferably have some whitening benefits as well. Pls help, thanks.


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    try these threads

    cracking face (dry skin)

    Day moisturiser

    Dry flaky skin

    do make full use of the search function located near the top of the screen to answer any queries you might have.



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      I'm actually looking for a certain same brand of toner and moisturiser, suitable for dry skin with whitening benefits. I check out the threads, doesn't have what i want


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        Hey dear, I think it would still be best for you to read the general threads and suss out which brands are most recommended. I understand that you would prefer personal recommendations, but that's very hard to do when we don't really know you!

        Anyway, your requirements (suitable for dry flaky skin, whitening) are quite common so you'll probably find recs.

        Do stick to searches and general threads if possible!


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          Have you checked out the Kose Sekkisei thread? Fancl? Laneige? Those sounds like it's right up your alley!

          I ditto what Xue said. We have discussed so many topics at length & it's tiring to repeat it here. Please understand ya?


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            Some dermatologist advise that you skip the toner step if you have sensitive skin.