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    Hi! Do you folks know if dipropylene glycol is comedogenic? I've a list reflecting the comedogenity of common ingredients which I compiled from Sage's list as well as other sources that I've come across on the net. Dipropylene Glycol is listed as very comedogenic (a raking of 5) on my list.

    Since propylene glocol isn't comedogenic, I thought dipropylene glycol shouldn't too cos well...they sound almost alike Yes, yes, it's quite obvious that I'm no chemist!

    The reason I asked is cos this can be found in Ettusais's Acne Whitening Essence, as well as Fancl's SP White Essence and their Fenatty range. In fact, almost all of Fancl's products has this ingredient. Thus, I was actually leaning towards dipropylene glycol being safe till I saw that Fancl's Cleartune range, which is meant for acne-prone skins, lacks it. All my doubts came crashing back since I can't figure out why Fancl included this ingredient in most of their products but left it out in their range for acne-prone skins. Could it be that this is, indeed, comedogenic?

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    I would have assumed the same that they are both safe too..
    Why not try emailing Barbara from the sage site and asking her personally? She usually replies in a few days.