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Best and Worst Scented Candles

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  • Best and Worst Scented Candles

    There's a parallel thread on tarts but I didn't see one for candles, so... here goes!

    I'll start things off. Don't shoot me, but the Ikea scented candles aren't half-bad - try Vanilla or Cranberry

    L'Occitane - hmmm well... I bought Clementine because the cold throw was nice and fruity, but the whole experience was really disappointing. Scent throw wasn't that great, smelt sooty half the time and didn't last all that long

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    Oh yeah. I love Ikea's Vanilla! I wanted to rave about them before but I somehow forgot. That;'s what I call my kind of vanilla. It's super lovely. They're cheap too I'll try the Cranberry next time I go Ikea shopping.

    I am the total opposite. I love Clementine. I think it's a great candle. Not the strongest scent throw but it's always a crowd pleaser. I try not to burn strong smelling stuff when I have company in case somone gags.

    Tocca candles are fab for having guests around as well. They look classy & smell classy to boot & I get a little fun out of showing them my name on the jar.

    For myself & myslef only, the ultimate fave is SSC's Beignet. I take deep breaths of this. I burnt it so much the huge tin was finished before a month was up. I am eagerly waiting for more. I cannot wait!

    A bad candle would be the L'occitane's Verbena one. This was so crap. It burnt so slowly & I couldn't smell anything unless I got really close. I usually like verbena but the candle version was sooooo blah. Smelled just like weak lemongrass. Another would be Philosophy's Grace. I love the packaging but same story as before .. no scent at all unless I attempt to burn my nose.
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      Third Ikea's Vanilla. I got the tealights as a gift, and even without leaving the box, I can smell the Vanilla. Very good. Will burn them soon. Too many stuff to burn, so little time.

      Too bad the tea light holder (holds about 5 tealights in a row) also from Ikea can't be used for this. The above-mentioned tealights are too big


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        Scent throw for Diptyque candles is very, very good.


        Bought Diptyque Oyedo today based on cold throw which I quite liked. But hated it when I burned it! So it's going up for sale


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          I have the Ikea's Vanilla too and I think it's rather nice for the price (below $5 if i remembered correctly). The scent throw is pretty nice too. Not in the league of fantastic yet but I like to burn them when I run out of ideas what to burn in my room.

          I don't like L'Occitane candles. I got them in the Honey Harvest range and the Lavendar scent. The scent throw is actually not bad. Pretty strong. The problem is they don't burn clean( a little smokey) but the worse thing is that it never burn evenly, even if i leave it burning for a few hours. The burning surface just gets smaller and smaller and I ended up with lotsa wax on the edges of the tin.How very waste-ful. For the hefty pricetag and such a small quantity, I must say this is so-not-good.

          I had only tried a few brands of candles beside the above-mentioned(Yankee, Candles by Carol, SSC) and I must say Sweet Scent Candles are really good. Maybe it's because I started burning candles with really simple pure scents( like Vanilla, Strawberry and Lavendar) and so I take so well to the complex notes in most of SSC candles and oh.. they are so well-layered. Can't wait to received my SSC haul from Dreamie next week.


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            For candles, I really dig A Zaftig Woman's. Cheap, great scent throw and excellent CS. What more can I ask for?

            have yet to have the good fortune to try out SSC except for a small tealight Stella gave me ages back. Memory for this is fuzzy. Can't wait for mine from Mich.

            As for high-end ones...L'Artisan is crap. For that kind of money, I would rather go for e-tailers one.

            Can't bear to burn my Tocca yet Maybe I should.

            Ergo candles are really good. Highly scented and such unusual scent. Trapp candles are good too Great scent throw!

            Any brands from The Scent Shop is crappy as well. Not worth the $$.

            As for Yankees, got myself Mango something a while back from ebay and this is delicious but scent throw is just so-so.

            IMHO, quoting from Duckiee, sometimes I do feel the pinch like I'm burning my money away with highend candles. I do find that e-tailers are good enough and they have a much wider variety of scents to choose.

            You gals got me really interested in the Ikea's vanilla


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              Got to 2nd Lartisan .. waste of money. Just remembereed about another bad one - Marks & Spencers'. Now, THAT is burning money away.
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                luv Diptyque

                my favorite is defintely Diptyque... best throw, last longest, divine scents!!

                i have the red tuberose, black baies, green fig & john galliano... they all exceptional & exquisite IMHO


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                  went to IKEA to buy the vanilla candles after reading this thread...haven't tried yet but i could smell the scent of vanilla from afar at IKEA! the candles going on sale too...i just vanilla!


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                    Seeing from this thread, I WANT TO GET IKEA VANILLA~

                    I love vanilla scents.


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                      worst to me has to be AD's. i can't get down to burning them coz i don't want my room to smell like them.


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                        Any recommendations for a nice pear or melon scented candle ?


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                          where can we get good big pillar or jar candle in singapore? other than crabtree and evelyn, the body shop and loccitane.


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                            There is a candle shop at the basement of Great World City selling mainly Votivo candles, and big pillar candles as well. Also try Marks & Spencer. I just finished the Red Currant jar candle n to my surprise, they are not bad at all, especially at only $19.


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                              thanks momopeach!