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Difference between body lotion and body butter?

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  • Difference between body lotion and body butter?

    I'm confused, what is the difference between body lotion/body butter/shea butter etc? Or is there any difference at all?
    Are they just different terms but all work to moisturise our body right?

    Hmm... ? :roll:

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    Body lotion is abit runny/liquid compared to body butter and shea butter. Some ppl prefer body lotion, cos it gets absorbed easily. For areas like the knees, elbows, and maybe the legs, you might need butter instead of lotion, 'cos these areas are drier.

    Some lotions/body butter do contain shea butter, it's an ingredient. Shea butter is known to heel dry spots, I think some ppl mention it prevents stretch marks.

    Overall, lotion is liquid and body butter/shea butter are thicker. Most importantly, which one you prefer and works for you.


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      Body butters contain less water and tend to contain more thickeners (if they manufacturers decided to be cheap lo)

      Body lotions contain more water and tend to contain more active ingredients (that's obviously dependent on the manufacturer)


      Body butters tend to come in tins, or screw off jars which is BAD, as this exposes a large surface area to air (oxidation) as well as bacteria, plus without a pump you're dipping your hands with bacteria on them in there every time you use it


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        i find body butter great to use in cold countries with low humidity. it kind of locks in the moisture for me.


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          I'm also wondering if there is a difference. Will investigate nd share at a later date.


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            Dry Skin
            Dry skin, also called xerosis, is caused when the skin cells lose essential moisture. This often is caused by dry heat, such as a home furnace, and repeated removal of the skin's oily lipid layer, which protects skin from moisture loss. Frequent washing often is a culprit.

            Lotion Benefits
            Lotion is a plentiful commodity found in most homes. Lotions rely upon a combination of oil and water bound together through the use of an emulsifier. Whether it's a moisturizing lotion to relieve dry skin or a medicated lotion, such as calamine lotion, it tends to go on smoothly, absorb quickly, and leave no greasy residue.

            Body Butter Benefits
            Body butter generally includes three basic ingredients: shea butter, a vegetable oil, and coconut oil or butter. There are different types of body butter as well. You can choose from whipped, waxless and even a bar-type. The whipped butter usually includes beeswax, which makes the formula harder to absorb but longer lasting, while the waxless and bar-type are more easily absorbed into the skin. Body butters are thicker than lotion and tend to leave a film on the surface of the skin.

            Which to Choose
            The fact that most body butters use shea butter, an all-natural, healing vitamin A cream, makes them ideal for skin damaged by dryness, wind or chapping. A body butter will provide superior, longer-lasting emollients, making it the choice when dry skin also needs intense moisture and healing. If added moisture is all that is necessary, a lighter, more easily absorbed lotion would be adequate.

            Avoid Dry Skin
            To help avoid dry skin, run a humidifier in the winter, opt for lukewarm baths and showers instead of hot, avoid drying soaps and body products, especially deodorant soaps, and keep irritating fabric off skin. Whenever possible, choose a fragrance-free detergent for laundry.

            Information from

   sells Victoria's Secret body butters with natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea butter and Olive Oil which moisturize, condition, soothe and protect your skin, leaving skin enriched, hydrated and sensually scented from the wide variety of scents available! My personal favourite scent Love Spell! They offer Free Shipping too!

            Singaporeans usually spend the whole day in air-conditioned places and will tend to leave their skin dry. I personally have dry, chapped skin on my elbows, partly due to spending most of my time in air-conditioned places and also due to spending half the day using the computer and resting my elbows on the table, causing them to be very dry. Thus I use the body butter to moisturize them and it really helps a lot! With frequent application it will leave your skin very soft.