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    Anyone has been there before and what was your problem, what kind of treatment you had there and how do you find it?

    I've been there twice and personally the treatment cream prescribed to me for night use is Other pdts (which aren't many) I tried, are just so so.

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    my mama been using their prdts for the past 6-7 years....she used to c them for pigmentation...

    after faithfully using their mum pigmentation all her face very radiant...

    but i heard from my mum consultation is not cheap in those im not so sure


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      Now they only charge 1 time consultation fee.

      I was prescribed some kind of night cream and after 1 week of continuous usage, my skin texture improves tramendously.

      One fine day I decided to read what's the ingrediant inside and bother to read up more on this substance called Tretinoin.

      From the web, I realise this is also known as Retin-A and have learnt a lot about it's benifit and why this is prescribed to me. My skin problem is pigmentation due to sun-damage, pregnancy plus perhaps my age too.... (30+) As you grow older, cell renewal is slower.

      I read before somewhere that in SG, Retin-A has to be prescribed. So one will have to seek a doctor to buy the pdt.

      Am at my 2nd tub now and will definitely buy again once finish!!


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        Hey dear, what;s the name of the night cream you were prescribed?


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          Originally posted by Pauline
          Hey dear, what;s the name of the night cream you were prescribed?
          will check when I get home... off the head, it's something like Night cream Tretinoin 0.01% blah blah.... will check what's that blah blah...


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            tretinoin is actually derivative from Vitamin A... so it helps to shed off dead skin, dries up pimples.. etc etc

            But prolong use will weaken your skin, it's very likely you'll develop sensitive skin.

            What my facialist suggested is, use chemical( like tretinoin) product for 2 months, or until you see effect, then switch back to non-chemical products for 2 months... you know, i mean alternate the use, so that you skin can absord different kind of nutrients... HTHs.

            I've seen SYY before, i used to have extreme acne case, they prescribe me the strongest Isotretinoin pills, aka Roaccuaten with strength 20mg... (can you imagine how bad was it )... then i will go back for follow-up every month, my skin was improving tremendously after taking Roa for one month... at that time, i was still very ignorant about skincare, so i just use whatever the doctor gave me.... i'd been using their product for a period of 3 years... (including Roa, for 3 years... )... until i developed sensitive skin... and until i stumbled upon CC, until then i've better idea of what skincare really is... and i just throw everything SYY out... If I'd not met CC, i could still be using SYY products...
            I just wonder why the doctor never ask me to stop, 3 years of Roa is bad! And i also discovered that the receptionists who used to have very good skin, were having freckles and spots... :scratch head: I really doubt if there's something wrong with their products?

            So my bottomline is : SYY products are not bad, but prolong use will damage your skin, as with all other chemical products. HTHS.


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              thanks Huili for sharing...

              ok perhaps I'll have to add....... since Huili mentioned abt prolong usage which I didn't know at all will have side effect...

              In away I guess I was lucky that after I've seen improvement on my skin I didn't use the product as often anymore... Also, there was a time when I totally stopped using the pdt - that's during my 2nd pregnancy <- perhaps this explains too why I didn't get any side effect.

              Now that I'm lectating I didn't use the pdt as often as I 1st started it that's why my 2nd tub last me so long.

              I will definitely buy the pdt again as a standby for quick remedy. My 2nd tub was prescribed in March 03 that shows how infrequent I use it. It's expiring on Oct 05, so I can still use it for quite some time... as and when needed.

              btw the full name of the product is Night cream Tretinoin 0.01%, Treatment K3.


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                Please be reminded tretinoin is not to be used during pregnancy, as studies show that it is very likely to cause birth defect.

                Read more of Retin-A(isotretinoin) and Pregnancy


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                  Re: Warning

                  Originally posted by huili
                  Please be reminded tretinoin is not to be used during pregnancy, as studies show that it is very likely to cause birth defect.

                  Read more of Retin-A(isotretinoin) and Pregnancy
                  Well, gues I'm super "kia si" I used no skin care at all other than sun block during my pregnancy... believe it or not!!! Other than pigmentation, my skin texture was very good (at least to me it's good... heheh) during the pregnancy and I suspect must be all the vit/supplement my gynea gave me....

                  Now isn't that good anymore due to weather & lack of rest!!!!


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                    wow, I thought about going to SYY for microderm or whatever, for my skin. After reading your posts, I think I won't. I mean, they doc should really give warnings when he/she prescribe tretinoin, especially accutane. 3 years of accutane is really long. I can't believe the doc allowed that. I suffered from acne for 8 years, since 14. And, many docs have tried to give me accutane, but I refused. Thankfully, now I dont have acne. But, still needs loads of maintenance to make sure its that way

                    tretinoin worked wonders for me. I used to use it, and didn't know what was in the cream. It doesn't have a name/ingredients list. My dad suspected steroid. When my problem recur, I went back to the doc and ask him what is in it. He told me Tretinoin. Never go back to the doc.


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                      Steroid is found in roaccuttane, whatever that contains tretinoin... i heard.


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                        Hi i'm a member of SYY and i must say it's a saviour to my severe acne problem. my skin suddenly has this serious breakouts till i don't dare to go out. then i went to SYY, followed Charles prescription faithfully and 70% was cured after 2 weeks. but i feel that his products are too expensive since i was still a student that time cos first visit cost ard $400 already. just that the good thing was the first consultation for student was half price so i stopped his day & night cream after a few months. actually imo, i think his whitener is really very good.


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                          i was seeing charles for while. they are very expensive but it works in some way. there was a period of time, i had very bad breakouts. bought a series of products and was also on oral medication. skin recovered well and remain rosy too. however, up to a certain point, it will slow down and become stagnant. you will not see any prominent results, if you do no take Roa or use Retin-A. hence, charles is always pushing these which i do not really like and its very expensive. i feel that there bound to be side effects for long term consumption. i took for 1 year and decided to stop. in fact, once you stop the oral medication, you don't really see any fantastic results anymore. the 1st 3 months will always show the best results.

                          conslusion: its worth seeing them for up to 1 year, if you have the money to splurge.


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                            yes, at least to me. maybe the products i use usually finish at the same time, thus had to get together.


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                              I must say that their CS is bad...