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Maybelline: Sky High Curves

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  • Maybelline: Sky High Curves

    Apologies if this has already been discussed... I checked thru & didn't spot it!

    Has anyone tried this already? I grabbed a tube on Sunday after anticipating its arrival in Sg... but am pretty much disappointed by it! It's tagged "extreme length & curl mascara" but it left my lashes still poker-straight... Only concession is at least it's a cheap mistake... $16.90 (intro price i think?)

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    Re: Maybelline: Sky High Curves

    I saw this as well and so wanted to buy it but I keep having my doubts and not to mention I am liking the Za's cutie curl mascara.
    Maybe you could try using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying this mascara? It might help

    Yes the $16.90 was an introductory price.
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      Sasa is selling it for $16.05.


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        Re: Re: Maybelline: Sky High Curves

        Originally posted by stilafaux
        I saw this as well and so wanted to buy it but I keep having my doubts and not to mention I am liking the Za's cutie curl mascara.
        Maybe you could try using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying this mascara? It might help

        Yes the $16.90 was an introductory price.
        Yup, I guess still not time for my eyelash curler to go into retirement! Was kinda hoping this was a curling mascara... but I guess it's alright for the price...


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          what about Fasio extention curl?

          I had the impression that both product boast of similar effect. Anyone tried b4?


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            My mom bought this.
            In terms of curling... hmmm.. didn't really work for me. I still have poker straight, but really loooooooong lashes. It's so much more a lengthening mascara than curling IMO. A tad difficult to remove though.

            However, when my mom used it, her lashes curled up quite nicely.. so i guess it works differently on different people?

            I've tried Fasio Curl mascara.. Think I still prefer Sky high to Fasio curl. You still need your conventional eyelash curler for both, but Sky high really lengthens.


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              i got this free (! ) from promoting the new maybelline lipsticks and well... it's decent but nothing spectacular.

              curling: ZILCH. my nicely curled lashes drooped within seconds of applying this mascara. the formula's probably too heavy -- my featherlight shu uemura basic mascara holds a curl like nobody's business!

              lengthening: ok. lengthens without looking unnatural. however, if i pile on another coat for a stronger effect, the mascara tends to get a little hard to control. clumps a teeny bit but that's nothing that a lash comb can't solve.

              overall: i'll keep this because it's free, but i wouldn't purchase another when this tube runs out... i like my mascara to be able to hold a curl!


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                its advertisement then - i asked to try it the SAs were lementing that they lost one of the testers & wanted to put it on for me i resisted - i wanted to do it myself, then asked for any promos going on & i pointed to the promotion board saying

                " is this the only promotion you have?" she though i was pointing to the new tubes & rushed to get me one. I said no i am testing it as i need to know if it smudges

                she replied pointing to my lashes "it doesn't right"

                Gosh i had a mini-heart attack. I told her even their Great lash the old mascara Maybelline in Water-proof smudged on me I have to try it out for a while dont want to waste money again.

                she said that was the old version this Sky HIgh Curves is a better formula will not smudge.

                I did not want a furthur word with her, said thanks & left.

                BUt i must say she answered pretty well on the "new formulas will not smudge" part


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                  sighhhhhhh. wore this mascara out today and to my horror, it smudged by the end of the day. it's probably more of me than the mascara though, because i tend to blink really hard (dry eyes due to contact lenses).
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                    Prescriptives Mascara!

                    Eww..! Almost tried the Maybelline Mascara! Luckily I didn't!

                    Believe you all can try the Prescriptives Masacara, think it's fake lash... hehe..
                    It's reeeeaallly good! It does curl and last. It doens't smudge easily too.

                    Note: Apply it lightly, it will lenghten & curl whilst still looking very natural. Apply it thickly, it will definitely lenghten & curl but it looks dramatic! Excellent!


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                      Yikes! I kept looking at the mascara but was hesitant to buy it to try.
                      I was tempted to get the MAC Prolash Mascara but there are so many different kinds to choose from.. I guess I am pretty lost in that department.
                      I think I would just stick to my Za Cutie Curl at the moment.


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                        After wearing for about 1/2 a day it did not smudge but i must say it did not lengthen a great deal - Lancome Amplicils was better & its the Lancome Flexicils which is the lengthening & curling one.

                        Needs about 4 coats to meet my normal desired day wear thickness - not very good as most other build up enough within 2 coats.


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                          i hope nobody minds me advertising a little here

                          my friend has a brand new maybelline sky high curves mascara in black and she would like to sell it for $12. do PM me if you're interested!

                          also, i'm happy to sell my own tube which has been used 3X for $5.


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                            Hmm, just wondering, did you girls get the waterproof one or normal one? Bought the waterproof one today and I hope it doesn't smudge...haven't tried it yet though


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                              I just bought it and it doesn't seem to curl at all, even though I'd used my eyelash curler beforehand. Maybelline's lash discovery (the mini brush one) seems far better than this in terms of holding the curl. But this one didn't seem to smudge as much. NB: Mascara smudges on me no matter if it's waterproof or not.