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Jane Iredale natural minerals makeup

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  • Jane Iredale natural minerals makeup

    Check out their website :
    It says "Known as The Skin Care Makeup, so is recommended by Plastic Surgeons and dermatologists throughout the world"

    Also :
    - Non-comedogenic, will not block pores
    - Virtually no allergy risk
    - Broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection - SPF20
    - Anti-inflammatory, helps to calm and soothe irritated skin
    - Very water resistant rating by an approoved FDA lab
    - Complete coverage for skin conditions like Acne, Rosacea...following treatments like chemical peels and laser resurfacing
    - Contains no fillers
    - Composed of inert minerals that cannot support bacteria
    - Environmentally aware and not tested on animals

    The loose powders and pressed powders apparently are 4-in-1
    (foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen) making it very convenient to apply.


    The distributor in Singapore is by name of Margaret - her shop at Balmoral plaza. I saw this product also on Essential Day Spa @ CAD39.

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    Could u give the exact address please? I've heard of Jane Iredale but so far it's not been available here.
    I use colorlab mineral makeup from Rejuva Skincare.



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      Address 02-11 Balmoral Plaza (Bukit Timah Road). I visited it 2 weeks ago. They actually rented (I think) a small corner in a hair salon. Doesnt impress me at all. Anyway, if you interested, suggest you go there try the samples(if they allow) and colour. If you wish to purchase you could always order from Essential Day Spa website. I think they are much cheaper.


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        Jane Iredale

        I tried it!

        one word - UGH
        and the packaging! *faint*

        very very shiny on me. i got the pressed one (which is supposed to be less shiny anyway). I prefer BE, but i guess JI does have more colour choices! But I think with minerals, it's really depends on the individual, but I really really didn't like JI.

        I also tried Youngblood (ashy), and Botany101. in the end, BE is still better for me. But then, i gave up on minerals entirely.



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          Reviving this thread.

          Recently bought the concealer "disappear" from my beautician and i must say its one heck of a concealer! It worked well on my pigmentations and can completely conceal my pimple! i use it with Shu base and I had flawless looking skin! It doesn't seem to work so well with YSL skin corrector though. Probably because YSL is a bit drier on me. Works on my bare face too (on top of serum, moisturiser, sunblock etc). My beautician says she use it on her dark circles too. From what i saw, there was no dry creasing on her lids. I never tried on myself though since I had no dark circle to conceal.

          Next i would like to try the press powder. Saw great reviews on MUA n my beautician said the powder is so smooth n the coverage is so good that she skips foundations these days. And I must say she looks great with the powder too! Very very natural


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            Jane Iredale

            anyone using this brand of mineral makeup?? any comments on this?


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              Where can we get this Jane Iredale products? Is it available in Sg?


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                I've been using the JI pressed mineral mu for the last 3 years because I wanted a pressed mineral foundation. It's decent but far from perfect, because it does leave a shine and still make your skin feel dry. I'm looking for an alternative but in the meantime I'll continue to use it.


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                  My advice is to avoid Jane Iredale for its loose minerals because:

                  1) There is not enough yellow-toned shades in their collection. If you are pink-toned + fair or "slightly" yellow-undertoned + fair, you might find a match. Since JI has included darker shades, those who have brownish skintone can also find a match. Overall, the selection is limited when compared to brands like Everyday Minerals, Lumiere etc.

                  2) It's too expensive... and it contains bismuth oxychloride. Now if an MMU brand is expensive, there better be justifications for it. Not only does JI MMU contain bismuth oxychloride (which can irritate some skin), its selection of formula in the loose form is limited. There is only one type as far as I am concerned. Unlike EM, you can't choose the type of formula you want in JI loose minerals. The oil control properties is also bad in my experience (for humid climate). Signature Minerals is even better than JI in this aspect.

                  The price is really ridiculous for the kind of ingredients that they use. You are better off if you try EM or other more affordable but better brands.

                  If you want to try JI, you can... but the loose minerals from this brand is really not worth our money. My advice is to avoid the loose minerals. You can check out the rest.
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                    Hi childofgrace,

                    Thanks for your detailed replies. It's really not value for money.


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                      Just to clarify, Jane Iredale doesn't use bismuth oxychloride. Unless it's not stated in the ingredients list, I've noticed that all Jane Iredale brands does not have it.

                      It is slightly more expensive than the other brands around Sephora, but I've honestly never heard a bad review about Jane Iredale products (after really extensive research at the point of consideration when I was searching for a good MMU brand). Nothing about breakouts a lot of people have experienced. And it was even recommended by plastic surgeons after surgery.

                      I've used two products from this brand - liquid foundation and powder. No complaints about them. I've always looked pretty good in my pictures as well.. Except a bit white, but I think I chose the wrong colour..


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                        I saw Jane Iredale makeup selling at calvin chan clinic. But anyone knows where can I get it cheaper locally?


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                          I heard about jane Iredale products,but don't use it till yet.Is it available in cosmetics store?Where can i get?


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                            Qarah Aesthetic Centre

                            Blk 729 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6.

                            Look for Chermaine Ang. (:


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                              Jane Iredale Location

                              I got mine from Orchard Midpoint? Near the Robinson's place. Looks super dodgy. Go up one floor and it's a small beauty salon on the left.

                              I can't remember the name of the store, but I have the lady's contact number if anyone is interested.