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    I can't remember the prices of the perfume oil but the prices are okay in my opinion since u are paying for oils. Don't expect any 'cheap cheap' prices though.

    The fair's fun even though you are broke or don't intend to buy anything. It's worth a go.


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      i *** dropped by jamal kazura shop at arab st this afternoon...and bought a bottle of perfume which smells oh-soo-nice...called 'pleasure', if im not wrong. only $10 for a very small normal bottle. but there are sooo many pretty bottles to store your perfume and will cost a bit more to fill up the bottles. the essential oils were tempting tooo...


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        perfume oils are rather expensive and its like the extract.... not easy to get them here


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          Wow, didn't know there's a shop selling perfume oils in Singapore... Will try to go there one day. I've started using perfume oils almost a year ago and I love them, a few swipes from a sample vial will last me half the day and its so convenient to touch up. And since then, I find that I couldn't stand some commercial perfumes which are full of alcohol... I've bought perfume oils online from the following places:

          Dragonfly Blue: Fastest shipping, and cheapest too. Scents are ok, 1 or 2 was really good.
          Ava Luxe: They shipped a week after I placed my order. They have a good selection of scents which are good and I looove quite a few of their scents.
          BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab): THE Best! They have like HUNDREDS of different scents, you can search for notes you like from the site's search engine and there'll be reviews of the scents too. But it takes like 6 weeks before they ship my order.

          What I like about ordering online is that their scents are more unique. I don't like wearing the same scent as everyone else. Also, all of the sites I mentioned threw in some free samples, which makes me feel so good... Actually, I only order samples, because a 1ml vial can last me a loooong time and I like to have a variety of scents which will not take up space, hee...

          Bad thing is, you have to know what notes you like or you'll have an expensive lesson learning. However, with BPAL, it can be very suprising. I never knew I like foody scents till I tried theirs.

          Some other sites I haven't tried yet:
          FeMaledictions: Actually I've placed an an order but haven't got it yet.
          The Fragrance Shop
          Madini Perfume Oils
          DSH Perfume: Heard a lot of raves for this, but its very expensive!


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            Any recommendations from bpal? I got my loot today...... doesnt like the scent too much though


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              Maybe you can tell me what you got and what you think of them?

              But what I like best is Dorian and the other are Limited Editions...


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                Oh tackey what limited editions do you like? I'm dying to place a BPAL order again!! Lots of lemmings!


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                  Some of the LEs I like are Midway(!!), Frost Moon, Milk Moon, Snow White, Ice Queen, etc...

                  Its a good time to place an order now coz they have the Halloween and Yule LEs! And Snow White is back, hehee....


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                    LOL I'm dying to order Snow White and Rose Red! What do you think of both if you've tried them?


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                      The first time I tried Snow White I wasn't very impressed, but when I tried it again a few months later I found that I actually like it. After a few more tries and I'm hooked! (Actually that happens with quite a few BPAL scents) There's also a possibility that its better now that it has aged. The note that's most obvious to me is vanilla, the smell reminds me of dough (in a good way!), quite warm and comforting. Its what I hope Dana O'Shee is like.

                      Rose Red... Hmm, don't think much of it. The description is rather true, "The perfected winter rose, dew covered and freshly cut." But with a name like Rose Red, I was expecting something very lush, but its more like a green scent. The rose is not very obvious, I imagine if you put a whole bunch of roses, including stems and leaves, into the blender and pour in a cup of dew and mix it together, you'll get Rose Red.
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                        Thanks!! That was a great help!


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                          I The Unicorn from the tea party series....!!!!!!
                          I had spellbound, sin, O, snake oil, black lotus, white rabbit, bastet, black phoenix, blood, love me and anubis~ hehe in fact all smell quite similar......

                          kekee I dont mind ordering again.. I'm dying for a big bottle of unicorn!! Alot of the scents smell like medicated oil.....n my mum thinks that spellbound smells like urine!


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                            I'm not sure to post this here or at the BPAL thread, but I've asked my friend to try Snow White and tell me what she smells. She said she smells powdery vanilla florals with a bit of fruits at the beginning. That's so right! Its what Snow White is supposed to smell like, guess my nose is not as good as hers... I cannot smell ANYTHING that's like fruits.... :p

                            You may think some BPAL oils smell LIKE medicated oil, but I'll tell you there's one that IS medicated oil... Hemlock!

                            I'll go over to BPAL thread to talk about more BPAL...
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                              Hmm, anyone ever tried Ava Luxe before? I think its a really great company with fantastic scents... Their White Musk is simply to die for... And that comes from someone who doesn't like white musk/musky scents. (Well, the only 'pure' white musk I tried was from The Body Shop and I didn't like it). But they must be doing their musk right if my favourite scents from them all contain musk...

                              My favourite scents in order:
                              1. White Musk
                              2. Vanilla Musk
                              3. Wild Blackberry Musk
                              4. Citrine (now discontinued )

                              I try lots of scents but I rarely purchase bottles of them again, however I bought 10ml roll-ons of White Musk and Vanilla Musk immediately. Currently I love them more than BPAL, but I'm wondering if BPAL's Antique Lace will upstage them.

                              White Musk is very light on me, so I have to apply lots, but Vanilla Musk is so strong! I put it on one afternoon and I could still smell it after I wake up the next day! :wow: I get the most compliments when I'm wearing Vanilla Musk.

                              Unfortuntely, they have stopped selling roll-ons and sprays and are only selling pure perfume oils like BPAL. But I think its funny they're selling the 1ml samples at $2 each and the 5ml bottle at $17. Wouln't people buy all samples instead?

                              Anyway, I selling/swapping away the other Ava Luxe samples that I don't love as much, do take a look here , thanks!


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                                Yay, perfume oil lovers UNITE! lol Ever since I got hooked onto BPAL, I couldn't wear commercial perfumes containing alcohol... I guess it had something to do with the olfactory blah blahs(for a lack of better vocab) getting accustomed to essential oils and stuff like that. Next time, we should consolidate our orders to save shipping. *makes a mental note*