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  • Jasmine Trias Makeup

    dear all

    need your advice here... how do i achieve the "Jasmine Trias" kind of look. i love how she had her eyes done...not too overly made up. just nice! think it's a smokey eye look eh?

    really appreciate any recommendations for eye shadows and techniques

    thank you!! :bestwish

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    hi Daintee! we'd love to hear more about you in CozyBabes. Do pop by and do an intro of yourself!

    i honestly think Jasmine Trias hardly uses any eye makeup at all! today she just used lotsa chocolate bronze shimmery shadow as a wash over her entire eye area and possibly some liner and mascara. very simple!


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      whoa! that was quick! thank you so much!

      i'm so in love with Jasmine's look! got a problem here though...what eye shadow would you recommend for that look? i'm quite you think it would suit me? kinda tempted to try out the slightly smoky look! by the way..i'm a novice at makeup! :huh:


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        hey daintee, if you really wanna recreate her look down to her skin tone, use some stick or powder bronzer.

        as for what shade exactly i don't really know coz i'm so not an eyeshadow girl! but i do know you'll probably find it at MAC. i'm sure i've come across such a chocolatey shimmer shade before. i doubt it'll look the same on fair girls -- you can't sweep it all the way up to the browbone as she did tonight or you'd look really funny! this is because she is tanned so the brown shimmer shadow looks more natural on her. imagine the contrast on fair skin!
        but to achieve a smokey look, you could apply it on the lid area only and as a wash over the entire eye area, a natural brownish-beige shade this would give you a nice smokey look. remember to line your eyes too!


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          daintee, do you mean tonight's look specifically? I did notice something different, other than what islande has already pointed out (it's true that JT doesn't really wear as much m/u as say Amy Adams). It was that she used a really pretty shimmer shadow to highlight her browbone area. There's another thread on this but I think you can achieve the same effect with Stila Moonlight e/s