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  • Eye Treatments in salons/clinics etc

    hi girls

    would like to know if there are any good eye treatment services around, as i haven't been sleeping for around 3 or 4 days weekly (stupid school) my eyes have become like uncle fester's! hahaha

    finally slept a whole day today

    would really appreciate if you girls could reccomend a massage or sumthing, my eye muscles and nerves hurt!
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    perhaps you can try Leonard Drake.
    they have a few eye treatments.

    last last time, did tried one of them (i forgot which one) & quite relaxing. only remember they will add a thick eye mask over, covered your whole eye area.
    but take note, i suppose you must be consistent in these to see obvious results.

    heard some gals went for eye treatment fornightly! *envy

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      Salon Eye Treatments

      hi girls, Have any one went to any salons for their eye treatment? I have went to 2:

      1) Adonis: didnt help at all - $90 per session
      2) Bishan (cant rem the exact) - cant help at all also $50 per session

      Any recommendation, i really need to de puff myself!
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        I went to Bella facial care for their hot eye mask and my BF comment that my dark cicle lighten a bit.


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          mysotic: How much did you pay for the treatment? Thanks


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            Hot Eye Treatment? I think Adonis is also using that. If any of you want maybe can try Fancl, I think is cheaper there.


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              you might want to 'forget' it - there are creams that cost the world that cannot really depuff much from what i been reading on the threads, i doubt any treatment can give any good lasting results if that's what you are looking for.

              Puffiness i was told coudl be genetic & even with adequate sleep one can still suffer puffiness.

              I rather you ice your eyes every morning - hold the ice wiht a hankie or towel & dab on your eyes gentily or you can dip a big metal spoon into water & ice, dry with towel or tissue & with your eyes closed press the back of the spoon onto your eyes for a really refreshing treat. I do that once a while & it helps me refresh my eyes & also if they are feeling abit tired & stress it clams them too. repeat dipping the spoon into the iced water a few times as the warmth from your eyes quickily heats up the spoon again. You can as a rule of thumb repeat about 3-5 times for each eye.

              Paula Begoun was saying there is nothing in the market that can de-puff an eye - you need oral medication for this - speak to your pharmacist or doctor about it for a recommendation medicine to take or email paula to ask maybe at her website - she was practically saying - dont believe & throw money away buying those expensive eye creams too.


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                Depending on what makes the eyes puffy... if it's fat, only liposuction is the cure!!


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                  I not very sure about the cost cause it 2 year back. But when i sleep late, it because darker again. So sleep play a important part.

                  I read that someway that cooltouch is able to help. Anyone had better idea?


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                    wow vit_c, u provide information. thanx a lot. i guess mine is gentic, i got tht since young and have been spending a lot on it, but totally no help at all. :roll: btw, do u no where i k get Paula's book in s'pore? it sound interesting.

                    liposuction, uh, do anyone no hw much does it costs? Any recommendation I k go to? I am considering it cause sometime I think my puffiness look scary.

                    Btw, you guys k try placing chilled green tea bag on ur eyes to sleep. it seem to lighten my dark eye ring.


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                      Eye Treatments at Facial Salon

                      Are there any tried and tested facial salons that are very good at treating dark eye rings? I'm desperate about this. Each time I look into the mirror, the dark eye ring irks me more than anything else, makes me look so tired all the time.

                      I remembered watcing on TV once and the program featured a girl with perpetual panda eyes and she went for treatment at New York SKin Solutions. Over the TV, it was pretty obvious, but I wonder how much make up and concealer was over it. Any testimonies of that? Thanks


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                        i heard kose beauty centres have good treatment for it though i never tried it before..haha..maybe u can ask around.


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                          I've heard many raves bout Kose eye treatment too. Quite eager to try it myself, as well as their facials.

                          New York Skin Solutions....everything I've heard/read about it is bad. Gimme the impression of a 'black shop'.....


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                            Really? I'll find out more. I hope they are not pricey. I go for facials at Drx. They do have eye treatments but costs about $100 and the therapists says it is better to do it every 3 weeks. If I do that, my package value will exhaust very soon, together with the other treaments that I am doing.

                            Thanks sweeties.

                            Anyone else heard about Kose eye treatments?


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                              Peace, IIRC Kose eye treatment is $50 and they also have package at $200 for 4+1. HTH!