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  • Sasa etc?

    hi, got a qn i've been wanting to ask:

    has anyone of u bought any counter brands (eg. clinique, shisedo etc) @ Sasa or other similar chains of shops like Lee Hwa etc?

    The prices are like 20-30% cheaper sometimes & I get so tempted but never dare to buy, worried abt quality & origin. Can you girls share your experiences, good or bad maybe?!

  • #2 far so good. but lee hwa is raising their prices slowly as compared to before. and their customer svc is going from bad to worse...

    but i do hear b4 that they mix water and stuffs. not so sure how true though..


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      yo, i bought my clinique mois. from sasa wisma... Seemed alright to me, but if u do buy u may want to check the expiry dates for its pdts. They don't write it on so u may have to ask them cuz i heard that they have code which only the SA know how to read!


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        I buy skincare from them quite regularly, so far I don't see any diff in terms of quality. Its as good as buying from counters in dept stores.


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          Originally posted by Sum
          SaSa and Lee *** sells those products which is returned from the counter.

          the counter will clear stock once a while to the main the old products will then sell too a SaSa and lee ***.. so the products is old stock and that's y it is 25-30% cheaper.

          i only know how to read the manufactured date of lancome and biotherm
          gee, now that's informative! so the products are prob near their shelf life....that does unravel the "mystery". thanks sum!

          hopefully the promoters will report on the expiry dates honestly if asked....


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            wait a min, sum, did u say u know how to read the expiry dates of lancome & biotherm?! care to share?!


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              I bought around 2 clarins facial products from sasa and it seemed ok to me ....

              I'm tempted to get their perfumes cos it's cheaper than the counters...but do you girls think they dilute their perfumes?
              Is it save to buy perfumes at sasa? Or even shops like Tabs that sells only perfumes?


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                actually as long as their products are authenticated, i will feel rest assured to purchase fm even better can check if the products are "fresh"....thanks sum! by the way, u used to work as a SA for them? how come know so much.....


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                  Originally posted by Sum
                  no la, is long itme ago, h.k. newspaper said one.. not only lancome biotherm but kose and clarins also. but i lost the whole paper.

                  Hello, so u worked in SaSa before. Don't mind if I ask u a few questions.
                  The sussie programme products are really from Switzerland? The Kirara mask safe to buy cos everthing seems to be stocks that being passed back to the HQ?So if the stocks are taken in to SaSa, how long the shelf life will be?Hope u don't mind to share with us.Thanks Sum.


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                    Just want to correct Sum's explanation

                    for the manufacture date of all brands under loreal group (lancome, biotherm, kiehl's etc),

                    not sure of the meaning of the first letter (someone say it represents the production place)

                    the second letter represents the year and the following 3 digits represent the day of the year
                    U: 1999
                    V: 2000
                    W: 2001
                    X : 2002
                    Y: 2003
                    A: 2004 (skip Z because it looks like 2)
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                      for the manufacture date of the brands under estee lauder group (estee lauder, clinique, origins etc),

                      the pattern is : 1 letter + 1 digit (or letter) + 1 digit

                      1. dont know the meaning of the first letter

                      2. the fist digit r (or letter) represents the month
                      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C corresponds to Jan to Dec respectively

                      3. the second digit means the year
                      1: 2001, 2: 2002 , 3: 2003 , 4: 2004 etc.

                      e.g. C93, the manufacture date is Sep 2003


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                        wow. this is really useful information.


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                          any ideas about Clarins products? I went to Pink Beauty and enquire about some products such as eye flash balm which they do not have and they said they will order for me. so I lower my tone and ask the SA are their products genuine and her reply was if they sell imitation goods, they can get sued by Clarins.


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                            some how i feel that the counter pdts bought from sasa is not full... that time i bought a clinique anti-blemish gel then it seems much lesser than when i buy from counter ... i used it up i a short time... i checked the expiry date and its supposed to be quite new... new bottle dry up??? and the SAs at sasa sucks! they always stand around u giving usless comments and when u r going to pay they claim that they "served" u

                            y pay a few dollars less and get inferior goods? buy from counters better quality and counters often offer gwp


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                              the manufacture date of clarins

                              there is a 6 letters code at the back or bottom of the container

                              the first digit represents the year and the following two digits represent the month