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    A short intro from the SL launch:

    The room was lit with low voltage room lights and in the middle of the carpeted room was a low table with about 20 placings. On each placing, there was a glass of cold water and a small glass of Port

    Other than the dim lights and 4 candles burning, the room was pitch dark. The ambience really feels like arabian nights. At both end of the table was a plate of pita bread with olive oil

    I feel that the surroundings is like the "Last Supper of Christ" - the famous painting depicted. (But was reminded by a fellow guest that the last supper was more scrumptious

    Then came the presentation of the perfumes. A powerpoint presentation was projected onto the screen and the start of unrevealing the shroud of secrecy of Serge Lutens (in Singapore) finally begins!

    Jean was the emcee of the whole presentation and she started of with introducing us the concept and visualisation of Serge Lutens parfum. We get to smell the perfume as each of them was flashed on the screen.

    There are a total of 11 fragrances from the export line that was brought in:

    3. A LA NUIT
    4. ARABIE

    From the above, Fleurs D'Citronnier was not even launched in US yet.

    Most of the guests the came went left with a SL paper bag filled with goodies.

    BTW, saw Clarence Lee at the same launch too. Press gets goodies bags that include a full size perfume!
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    Thanks, chev, for giving SL its own much-deserved thread! I really enjoyed the launch too.

    (Copied from bela's site )

    A la Nuit
    Egyptian, Indian and Moroccan jasmine (green shoots), clove, white honey, benzoin, musk

    Ambre Sultan
    oregano, bay leaf, coriander, myrtle, angelica, patchouli leaves, amber, cistus labdanum, styrax, Tolu balsam, benzoin, sandalwood, vanilla, musk


    cedar, sandalwood resin, candied mandarin peel, dried fig, date, nutmeg, cumin, clove, Ceylon cardamom, bay leaf, balsamic resins, Tonka bean, Siamese benzoin, myrrh, cistus labdanum, rockrose, light tobacco note

    amber, clove, cinnamon, tuberose

    Chypre Rouge
    two kinds of oakmoss, caramelised pecan nuts, beeswax

    Clair de Musc
    transparent musk, aldehydes

    Daim Blond
    leather, Tuscan iris (or iris butter), apricot kernel, musk, hawthorn, jasmine, cardamom, heliotrope

    Datura Noir
    white datura, Tonka bean, musk, bitter almond, tuberose, heliotrope, myrrh, apricot, coconut, Chinese osmanthus, mandarin peel, lemon blossom, vanilla

    Douce Am?re

    artemisia absinthium, anise, cinnamon, marigold, foamflower, jasmine, lily, tagetes, vanilla, musk, cedar

    Fleurs de Citronnier
    lemon blossoms and leaves, neroli, white honey, Indian tuberose, iris, nutmeg, styrax, musk

    Fleurs d'Oranger
    orange blossom, white jasmine, Indian tuberose, white rose, citrus peel, hibiscus seeds, cumin, nutmeg

    Gris Clair
    ashes and lavender

    Miel de Bois
    abstract reconstruction of very dry wood: ebony, oak, gaiac, aquilaria aguillocha (used to make incense sticks), honey

    Sa Majest? la Rose
    white rose, camomile, lichee, geranium, Moroccan rose, ga?ac wood, clove, white honey, vanilla

    Santal Blanc
    sandalwood, cinnamon bark, fenugreek, Copahu balsam, jasmine, Siamese benzoin, iris, pink pepper, musk

    Un Bois Vanille

    coconut milk, black vanilla absolute, beeswax, caramelized benzoin, licorice, bitter almond paste, Ga?ac wood, Tonka bean, sandalwood

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      No Prob Sarsh, I think there would definately be more contribution to SL's perfume since it is already at our shores.

      Tried A La Nuit yesterday at Tangs Counter. Tempted to get another bottle with my voucher. Think I will try out Fleur de Orangier or Citronnier. If I still dont like it then I will just get back Amber Extreme.

      But alas, after spraying A La Nuit, my friend says that I smell very indian...... :roll: and steer away from me like a plague. I just cannot comprehend these kind of association.... Could be because of the weather yesterday. I dont think I will get this cos it gets pretty heady after a while in our climate. So sad, I really loved this at the launch

      IMO, this is really a scent to be worn strictly on cool or rainy days.

      BTW, Sarsh, did you find out if SL is being sold in Japan or the rest of Asia? I did find a few independent websites in Japan advertising it, though I dont think they are the 'official' sellers...
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        I find the Indian=jasmine association, with its usual negative connotations rather unfair, and (forgive me) even a bit racist. Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable. Besides, jasmine is popular in many other countries. I often saw it in Taiwan, for instance. I personally love jasmine, and A La Nuit has a wonderfully soft, musky drydown that's quite unoffensive for a jasmine. Compare it to MPG Jardin Blanc - now there's a heady white floral!

        Maybe you should go for Fleurs d'Oranger? It has jasmine, but not quite so in-your-face.

        I suspect that Singapore could be the only place where you can get SL (officially) in the Asia-Pacific region! JOYCE in HK has Lorenzo Villoresi, but not SL.

        So they have all 11 SLs at Tangs? Wonder when the next Double Rewards will be!


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          My friend's reaction was even more offensive. She even covered her nose when I was near Well, to each her own, I guess. But she probably will not allow me to wear jasmine when I am with her.....

          I didn't really remember or have much impression of Fleurs d'Orange since the description did not really catch me the other time. Will try it again when I am at Tangs next time

          Yup, all 11 is being sold at Tangs. I have a voucher to spend so will most probably plonk it on SL I hope the double discount will come soon cos my voucher will expire soon.


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            Was over at Escentials in Raffles Hotel last evening as I had wanted to try their Experience, and also I wanted to try the full range of whatever they carry since the one at Tangs dont really carry very many.

            Started off being very skeptical of Serge Lutens as I've never heard of him. Though I do recall seeing some of his adverts in foreign magazines. Very very sensual adverts they were. Nice.....

            Then Jean got me to try a couple of SL's perfumes after the whole Experience thing, though she had not chosen any for the 4 anonymous perfumes I was to try. Somehow, she felt I would like Serge Lutens after hearing my comments on the 4 perfumes. And boy did she hit the nail on the head. Now, I'm so so lemming for Serge Lutens.

            Personally, Santal Blanc is my favourite. On first impression, it came across as being very clean (Jean raised her eyebrows so high when she heard this) and slowly, this sexy-dirty scent started peeping out. Very very nice..... A very very sensual one I must say...... Obtained a sample of this. Will review about how it sits on my skin after I try it in the next few days or so.

            Next up is Arabie. Spicy, exotic, Oriental, and so so warm! Very very different and I really love this too!

            Next in line is a tie between A La Nuit and Ambre Sultan. Had thought I would have a violent reaction to A La Nuit as I detested anything with jasmine in it. But I was so wrong.... Seems like I love jasmine, but only if it comes in a strong heady form. I told Jean I saw myself in jeans and tee while wearing A La Nuit and her eyes almost popped out. Ambre Sultan brought to mind the image of a mysterious Arabian princess. Cant quite put into words how I feel about this perfume, but I know I love it as well. Have a sample of A La Nuit (courtesy of the very nice Jean) and will review after testing too.

            Between the two citrus scents, Fleurs De Citronnier and Fleurs d'Oranger, I prefer the former. It's more complex and more musky. The latter smelled so 'one note citrusy' to me. I seem to lean towards more musky and deep complicated scents (something new that I discovered last evening).

            Am dying to get my hands onto a sample of Sa Majeste La Rose. Discovered I do like rose scents but only if they are done in a very deep way. Plotting to get my hands onto a sample of this.

            My oh my...... I'm so so lemming for Serge Lutens now!!! Somebody, help!!!
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              Great report, saluki!

              I am currently plotting my next SL purchase. At the launch, I thought it would end up being Arabie, but I think it's a tie between FdO and FdC (orange blossoms vs lemon blossoms - hmm!)

              I like A La Nuit and Datura Noir too, but the former dries down to almost nothing but musk and the latter is too sweet for the first hour.

              FdC is so fresh and lovely, and FdO has the jasmine/white floral kick that I want. And since I picked FdC for my launch purchase mini GWP, I think FdO will end up being #2. It's a surprise winner!


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                FdO is now OOS at Raffles and even at Tangs you can only find 3 bottles left??

                Sarsh, Jean says they might try to get Un Lys in as well


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                  What!!! The Tangs discount had better come before they run out! And Un Lys! No idea what lilies smell like but already I can't wait to smell it (though I know Rachel wasn't impressed).


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                    It seems like SL is doing quite well in Singapore, hence the big sell out. Datura is left with only 5 bottles and the Rose also dont have much left......

                    Tangs also had the minature promo a while back. Maybe that's the reason


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                      Just tried A La Nuit today.

                      My first reaction was '[email protected]! so intense!' but I felt it was a very nice heady jasmine. Then my sister came into the room, and immediately she wriggled her nose. And her first words were the exact same ones uttered by Teiko's friend - 'Indian!' But I thought it was nice.

                      Settled very nicely after an hour into a light musky jasmine. Nice.....

                      But after about 3 hours on my skin, I could barely smell it. When I let my colleague smell it, she went 'So mild!' By lunch-time, it was non-existant.

                      Weird isnt it...... SL is known to be rather heavy and long-lasting. But A La Nuit lasted all but 3+ hours on me. :huh:


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                        Saresha: What kind of Tangs discount is it? Is it a lot?

                        Teiko: I do so agree that SL seems to be doing very very well in Sg. They only had 1 bottle of Sa Majeste La Rose left at RH, and a few left at Tangs.

                        But Jean told me they've already placed new stock orders and apparently, shipment is already on the way! Wont take more than 3 weeks it seems......


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                          Saluki, only if you have the Tangs card, there are a few days every month or so where you can get 12% rebate on your next purchase. So in essence you save 12%.


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                            Jean's photos are up! Site courtesy of Aiingel:
                            Serge Lutens launch at Escentials Click on "next page" for more.


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                              Thanks for providing the link The launch looks superb and cool!