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Nice Fringe Cut - which salon?

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  • Nice Fringe Cut - which salon?


    Need some recommendations..

    I have long fringe.. was thinking of trying out short fringes just slightly over my eyebrows, not straight but a bit layered.. Any idea where to get a nice fringe cut? By the way, I have long hair. Probably I would like to get a fringe something like Lilin, or Joey Swee.

    And also still can't get what fringe rebonding is.. is it only for those untamed fringe (curly/wavy fringe)?

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    Michelle, i am not in for rebonded fringe. Oh please! Especially if your fringe is short, after rebonded, it will look like grass or will be 'pong pong'.

    I go to Gorgeous at FEP, they are a pretty funky shop. If u want something different can try there


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      try Gorgeous at Far East Plaza


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        same. Gorgeous at Far East Plaza


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          i just had my fringe cut again by Clara at Gorgeous. I called it the 2layer fringe. =)


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            lovedust: can you show me a picture of your fringe?


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              Originally posted by michbaby
              lovedust: can you show me a picture of your fringe?

              I'll try to take one but my fringe is mainly made up of very short bob bangs.


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                can try [email protected] my hairstylist Kevin gave me nice sideswept bangs. he helped me thin out my fringe too because before that, he gave me china-doll bangs i think he did a great job.


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                  dear cotters

                  need your advices here..

                  i've got blunt china-doll fringe...which is growing out now-touching my eyes. do you think it's possible for me to go cut sideswept bangs now? or should i wait for it to grow out more.. :huh:

                  islande, kevin sounds much does he charge for a haircut? is he good in cutting layers for long hair? thanks!


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                    Hi girls, just wondering, if you just wanna cut your fringe (short to shorter), how much do you spend on the cut? It seems crazy to me to pay $35 to my regular hair stylist for such a simple cut. She cut for me once for free when I tag along with hubby for his cut but thought its not nice for me to always get free cut.

                    Anywhere cut fringe nicely and reasonably price. I'm not faithful to hair stylists in general so I am willing to try anyone who seems good


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                      I finally went to cut my fringe yesterday. Its just too long. Anyway, I went to QB at Raffles Place. Its one of those $10 cut hair place. I like what the girl did for me. Not bad for $10. I thought its a steal. Guess what she said? She said, I am spending so much just to cut fringe. I smiled. I'm sure some other girls spent lots more


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                        Originally posted by daintee
                        islande, kevin sounds much does he charge for a haircut? is he good in cutting layers for long hair? thanks!
                        you could cut sideswept bangs now and wait for it to grow out to a better length, or grow out yor china-doll bangs then cut up to you!

                        he's good with layers IMO. he thinned out and layered my hair very well. but you must be specific (with any hairdresser, really) what kind of layers you want. many layers, fewer layers, manageable layers? etc. etc.

                        he charges about $39- $42 for me. i got long hair but if you ahve Citibank CC i think (THINK) there is 10% off.


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                          hi islande

                          kevin sounds great! which citibank CC did u use? does citibank tang visa entitles to the discount? i feel like cutting my long fringe to a side swept fringe too..hopefully he will not cut too short. thanks for your advice


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                            hi kisses

                            how's yr fringe cut at chapter2? satisfied? who's your hair stylist? i'm quite tempted to try chapter 2, even though kevin from reds bugis did a really good job for my hair. heee..can't decide whether to try a new stylist.


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                              my bestie highly recommends Kenji from hair profile. $10 for a fringe cut.