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  • Guerlain Cosmetics

    What is good from this brand?

    I have always like the shimmering meteorites balls highlighter ever since I was introduced to the world of makeup! They would look so pretty on my vanity !

    Alas.. but not much to get it everytime. I was also told that the shimmering effect of these is very very mimimum? Has anyone tried and what else is good from Guerlain?

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    Re: Guerlain Cosmetics

    i lurve the meteorite balls !! hehheheehe i use them religiously everyday... tho' its subtle but it really does "perk" your face up
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      Hi birki,

      Do you use the special brush Guerlain has for the meteorites balls or just any powder brush?

      Would the difference be obvious if i just want to shrimp and use my old powder brush?


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        actually i too use my old Manicure powder brush...khe khe khe..cannot afford to buy the special brush but its really lovely aren't it I believe any powder brush will do the fine fine as long as the bristles can pick up powder well....HTH

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          I have a friend who LOVES their liquid eyeliner but it is more expensive than other brands.


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            where can i get guerlain cosmetics in singapore?


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              i saw them in Tangs and Taka...


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                love the KissKiss lipglosses!

                seriously the best gloss ever


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                  ohh i love the pearls as well! the compact is gorgeous too but expensive!! i recently tested their mousse blushes & it was gorgeous!!


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                    Reviving this thread a bit.

                    Does anyone know how much the Meteorites powder is at the counter?

                    I love this but neglected it for ages. It's now pretty old and to be safe I want to get a new one. I swapped for mine so I am not certain of the price. Deciding between buying at the counter or from strawberrynet at $74.50


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                      Hi echo_nym, the regular Meteorites are selling at $73 each & as for the X'mas 04 limited edition it's $77. Hths..


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                        Hi! Thanks for your reply!

                        May I know what's in the Xmas set?


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                          does anyone know how much does the radiant blush cost?thinking of getting one...


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                            do you mean the normal blusher in the gold shimmery casing? if i'm not wrong it should be $58.
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                              I love my meteorites, use them everyday as a finishing powder or by itself to brighten my skin. Use it with the Bobbi Brown face brush to gently buff my skin allover. Am being tempted by the LE Xmas Midnight Diamond meteorites. .. Can't get enough of highlighting products. Bought the LE one last Xmas and it gives the most subtle peachy-beige shimmer.

                              Guerlain foundation & their mousse-type blush are other things worth checking out