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    I wonder if there are other girls out there using this range? I've been stealing my mum's as she is a avid fan and I just want to share the raves:

    NZYME EX-CELL? - Gentle Exfoliating Scrub: NZYME EX-CELL?, an extremely gentle exfoliating scrub with all-natural polishing grains, sloughs off dry, dulling skin cells for a finer, smoother skin texture. Use of this dermal illuminating scrub will leave you with a fresh glowing appearance, visibly refined pores and improved color and tone.
    Small all-natural polishing grains are pulverized to a fine texture and then the edges are rounded prior to the compounding process of this cell renewing product. This assures extra-gentle cleansing and exfoliation.
    ENZYME EX-CELL? contains the anti-aging enzymes of the papaya plant. These enzymes encourage natural exfoliation as well as increased cellular renewal, leaving you with a fresher, smoother, younger appearance.

    It indeeds leaves my skin smooth and clear and yet though it feels rough, yet my sensitive skin wasn't red or pink when I wash it off.. it's a definate wow for me. And it seems not expensive, $28 IIRC

    The other item I have been stealing off my mum is this:
    NUTRA LIFT? - Firming Facial Masque

    NUTRA-LIFT?, a quick drying masque for all skin types showing signs of stress, fatigue & dullness, offers nourishing & toning benefits. Nutra-Lift? is formulated to work with the repair & renewal cycle of the skin. The essential vitamins, enzymes & humectants in Nutra-Lift? are transported to skin cells through Pharmagel?s liposome system. This unique booster of nourishment to your skin cells will counteract the signs of skin fatigue & increase moisture retention & suppleness.
    Glycolic acid & antioxidants of vitamins C, E & B stimulate collagen production for firmer more youthful facial contours.

    Well, I can definately feel the firming effects, even after I wash it off, skin does appear plumped up and radiant and I guess I will be stealing more of it after all!

    Anyone else has tried other??

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    Hi Jewel,
    i am interested in pharmagel products too.
    saw the range in many different products.
    this is the link :

    I am particularly interested in:
    NZYME EX-CELL? - Gentle Exfoliating Scrub & NUTRA LIFT? - Firming Facial Masque

    after reading your reviews..think i will pop by n get them soon


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      PharmaC-serum for me


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        I have tried the scrub and agree that it's good and very affordable.. worth getting if u're on a budget. besides, this is a huge tube at 170g!!

        i also have HYDROXY-10? - AHA/BHA Lotion Treatment (for the body) but didn't find this too impressive. Maybe i didn't use it religiously cos' i favour my TNS and other moisturizers more.. heh..

        i've heard raves for EYE PROTÉ® - Eye Cr?me Elixir though but i've not tried this personally.

        the price range for pharmagel is quite affordable, especially if u're buying it during your birthday month. you'll get 40% off!!!

        btw, i have a 40% this month for GNC. let me know if you need anything BUT i wont be free to do meet up so someone else might have to volunteer to coordinate for me.
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          is it really good? dun mind trying after my current facial scrubs is finished...


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            Sandy, its worth a try, it has papaya enzymes which is similar to Origins at fraction of the price. A good product IMO.


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              The scrub has all sorts of fruit acids and enzymes and seem like a wonderful all-in-one scrub. Sadly, it didn't work for me. I tried it many years back after I chanced upon the product in Nature's Farm, but my skin was sensitive to it and developed itchy rashes.


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                is good for sensitive skin?


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                  Tried their mask and scrub. Is really impressive. The mask made my face very clean and fresh and even tone and the scrub brighten up my face. But for the scrub, I don't think u can keep very long cos mine turn into a very obvious strange smell. But maybe had it for a year plus. Next mth bf will have a 40% discount, going to grab both of it!


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                    Well, I still loving the scrub and mask from my mum.. haha, it is still the best firming mask I've used so far!


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                      the scrub didn't work on my holey skin

                      but i heard their eye items are good.


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                        Vernis, use it as body and foot scrub!