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  • ear blocked remedies / ear candling

    Any remedies for ear blocks besides digging? I don?t want to, but my ears feel blocked and I can?t hear properly.

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    perhaps you could go see your GP, but the best and only remedy is probably digging. it is possible that you've got water stuck in your ear after you shower, causing some blockage inside.


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      Do go to your GP. They can do syringing for you. This includes pumping some water into your ear via a huge syringe and washing the wax and stuff out Some GP may send you home with some olive ear drops to use for a few days before performing the syringing process.


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        there's something called a ear candle, i think TBS burns it.

        basically, it's a hollow candle they insert into your ear. they burn the other end and the vacuum caused by the heat sucks out all the dirt and clears the ear canal.

        it's supposed to be generally good for your health, preventing headaches and what not. also very comfy.


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          i 2nd ear candling. you have it done at selected salons too. i know the one at Goodpark hotel does this.


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            This is something new!
            It's so interesting, never heard of this before Is it DIY-able? Or u have to go to salon to have someone do it for you? Have you tried it yourself,ataraxia?


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              traditional method used

              take a metal spoon, filled with water
              pour the water back into ur blocked ears
              either u hear a pop or something, and it will be unblocked !

              it works for me, applied to me by my ma!

              p/s: dont quote me if i am wrong!


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                Ear candling

                Holistic Essence does it for $70 per session.

                Xue, what do you mean by 'TBS burns it'?? You mean have to go for TBS facial, or is it DIY a home treatment?


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                  not to scare you..

                  erm i have experience of serious ear block before.
                  according to my doctor, the ear wax turned spiral kind & therefore it's blocked. if i didn't remember wrongly, he mentioned he can't use the ordinary way of using olive oil on my case.

                  it's really bad to be temporarily deaf.. not a good feeling.

                  went to NUH for a more serious consultation.. was treated with something like a small vacuum that sucked out all those stuff. no digging was involved at all.

                  you can even see your own ear the first time inside (!) as they showed the whole minor operation while you lie sideway. interesting even i was worried..

                  after that, my ear is damn clear! i thought i felt a tinge of pain (supposed vacuum until no wax protection!)

                  oh to add, my doctor advised not to dig your ears yourself, especially using those cotton bud..



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                    ibonne- u make me laugh

                    A thread about ear wax--didn't expect anymore, until u all shared and it turned out so hilarious and interesting

                    Spiral ear wax...hmmmz..I don't want to keep visiting the doc for ear wax, it happens to me pretty often, then it'll be like a weekly session with the doc. heh..what will he/she say if i go to him/her once a week...


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                      Sometimes i cant really hear, so i will go 'huh huh huh', and people get irritated with me.

                      I have the habit of using cotton bud to 'dig' my ear everytime after bathe, i suspect that I actually pushing the wax deeper into my ears...

                      ibonne, how much is the minor vacuum op?


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                        huili, thought i would keep this 'interesting' receipt of my minor ear op but don't know where i left it! :piss: sorry!

                        i do remember it's not expensive but take note i had a referral letter to NUH from my doctor. so definitely cheaper. The op was done around year 1999 or 2000.


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                          oops! i meant TBS SELLS it

                          a lot of spas offer ear candling. very shiok!


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                              i think unless u're good at handling the candle thing, it's better to go to the doc, the candle does sound potentially dangerous if not done correctly with the wax and fire

                              i had syringing done at my GP once coz my ear got really blocked, so much so that the GP couldn't look right into it when he shone as light. the procedure cost about $40 and is very effective - you wouldn't need to go back weekly after that even if you're prone to blocked ears coz the procedure will take out almost ALL the ear wax and so you would have really clean ears and it'll be a LONG time before it accumulates that much again

                              and yes - using a cotton bud to clean the insides of your ears can push the wax back even further if you don't have the habit of digging your ears, this happens pretty frequently according to a doctor friend and happened to me that time i had to go to the GP to get my ears syringed

                              i don't like to dig my ears too (paranoia) but nowadays, when i feel that my ears are getting too blocked, i drip Waxsol (oily droplets from the pharmacy especially for softening earwax) and use a cotton bud to clean - the last time i did it, i pushed my ear wax right in tho' so i had to use one of those tiny metal spoons for digging ears in the end - but it's easier to use this on really blocked ears coz you can 'feel' where you should dig and when you should stop

                              the long term solution is really to learn how to clean your ears effectively yourself even if you hate it (like me!) good luck!