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How do you know if a product works initially?

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  • How do you know if a product works initially?

    Just a thought i had just now. I know products have to be used long term to see the effects..but how do you know if a product works initially? (short term observation) Especially if one has acne-prone skin and uses products used to treat that specifically, do these products make your skin 'break out more' as part of a process of getting rid of impurities (read that somewhere about some products) or would it eventually just clear up your skin nicely without making you break out first? Or does it depend on the product?

    Just pondering.. :huh:

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    I guess it depends. For me, some (aha, retin-a) works by aggravate my zits first while others (BP) are the opposite. It's just trial n error for me.


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      i don't believe that there are products which help to purge the skin before helping to clear it. i know a lot of SAs say that this might happen with a certain product but i just don't buy it. if my skin is going to worsen from the initial usage, i'm not getting it for sure. i know a product is working for me if i see clearer skin. sometimes a pimple or 2 may pop out but i won't give up on the product immediately. maybe lessen the application or wait a while longer before you start on it again. but if my skin is seriously aggrevated by a product, i won't even attempt to see use it any longer. just my 2 cents.


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        when i first started using differin, it made my dry skin even dryer and my skin started flaking/peeling. but i've been using it for awhile now and it does clear up my zits and some blackheads! also, my skin no longer flakes from me using it.
        i guess it's up to personal choice? i really detested the early effects of differin on my face and actually stopped but my dermatologist advised for me to continue and now my face is much clearer and less prone to breakouts than before. but this might be due to both differin and the other skincare products i use.