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Gal?nic Make-up Remover - Cleansing Mousse

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  • Gal?nic Make-up Remover - Cleansing Mousse

    My family and extended family are RAVING about this product. Is it really that gd?
    They said their complexion improved after using this for a week. They said it really clears up the blackheads, whiteheads and the works.. from my middle age aunts to my 10 years old cousin...

    Is it really gd? They using it as facial cleanser too!! :huh:
    Not Bad...

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    Er.. is it even available in Sg?


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      Guardian Pharmacy

      Yeah.. It's found in most Guardian Pharmacy...


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        kitten, by the looks of it, most cotters are unfamiliar with this brand. perhaps you'd like to find out more about it from your rellies since so many of them use it, and let us know?


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          Hmmm... I've tried asking people about it, most have no answers as well.. hehe.. Well, again, my whole family is raving about it..

          I've finally tried it. It does remove make-up VERY gently! Moisturising as well I guess, no tight feeling AT ALL!

          Somehow, I'm not pleased with the product! hehe.. Psychological perhaps? I just don't feel comfortable with it... Doesn't seem that clean to moi...

          Note: If washed with warm water, it will sting the face!!


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            On Sale

            By the way, the product is on sale now.

            Usual Price - $29.90
            Sale Price - $29.90 for 2 bottles


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              i've used it b4 last time. dun like it much cos it doesn't clean v thoroughly. prevents cleansing oil to this.


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                Originally posted by reismione

                i've used it b4 last time. dun like it much cos it doesn't clean v thoroughly. prevents cleansing oil to this.
                Oh.. Is that so.. Hmm.. then what do you think of it as a daily cleaser?

                What are you using now?


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                  I'm not using this Cleansing mousse.

                  I am using 2 in 1 makeup remover for face and eyes. Kinda of love the texture of the gel. I followed by Avene Green Cleanser or deep pore cleanser.

                  Other good products from Galenic:-

                  1) Galenic Cauterets Lotion Astrigent - Good for my current oily combination skin. Not drying, helps to oil control. I just bought my 2nd bottle.

                  2) Galenic Refreshing Moisturizing gel - Good oil-free moisturizer. Very light, helps to moisturize my face, non clogging. Love this very much. I alternate with Avene Moisuring lotion.

                  3) Galenic Multi-vit eye lotion - This is the best eye lotion i ever used. Very light, helps to lightens my panda eyes, helps to reduce the puffiness and not forget helps to moisturize my dry skin, lines seems to be lesser. Great stuff.

                  4) Galenic Cauterets 3-in 1 Clarifying mask for combination oily skin - It is a deep cleanse, scrub, massage. Good for clog pores. Blackheads seems lesser.

                  5) Galenic Purifying perfector concentrate- Pimples gel. Helps to bring cystics pimples to head. Helps to calm pimples. Quite good pimple gel.

                  I was very surprised that this range works better for me than Avene's products. Both brands are under same parent company. Avene is more for sensitive skin. Galenic is more for normal skin type. On the whole my skin looks great (Not perfect), but at least it looks hydrated even i am using the oily-combination range. Quite impressed by the quality. Color play (the importer) does have some good promotion at the moment. The 2- in-1 makeup remover (U.P $25.90) + Refreshing moisturing gel (U.P 35.90) is selling at $35.90 at Sengkang watsons (IIRC). The Purifying Cleansing gel (Oily/Comb) U.P$25.90 + Lotion Astringent (U.P $25.90 is selling at $25.90 at the Guardian. Quite good offer.

                  Just my 2 cents worth


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                    i just bought a tube of foaming cleansing cream make-up remover under this brand too... the SA claimed tt it works perfectly even for the most sensitive skin... hv yet to try it out though... hv too many make-up removers ard...


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                      this brand surprisingly has pretty good products, i bought their purifying cleansing gel together with the mask, that is selling at $39.90. Actually bought the mask but the SA says it comes with the cleansing gel. Then also bought the refreshing moisturising gel as it comes with the make up remover together.

                      Surprisingly, the cleansing gel is not drying at all and the refreshing moisturiser is great. It's a great substitute to biotherm aquasource as it is alcohol free.

                      I haven't tried the mask and make up remover but i'm really surprised with the moisturiser and the cleansing gel.


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                        Hi SS dear,

                        this range is not bad. I really love their 2-in-1 makeup remover.


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                          Anyone tried their serum? I was looking for a good serum when the promoter at Guardian recommended me the Galenic serum. Not sure what the full name is though.


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                            yeah i really think this range is not bad! really like the refreshing moisturising gel and the cleanser.


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                              where is the best time to buy galenic products? does guardian have 20% on this brand every now and then? how about at TTSH?