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Chin acne!!! WHY??

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  • Chin acne!!! WHY??

    sighs, recently i got this major breakout on my chin! and it's only there! and it's the big painful type! is there smtg i'm doing wrong? what should i do? pls help!

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    Re: Chin acne!!! WHY??

    Originally posted by michelle
    sighs, recently i got this major breakout on my chin! and it's only there! and it's the big painful type! is there smtg i'm doing wrong? what should i do? pls help!
    Lee Ching at Fancl who does my brows says that sometimes chin breakouts are related to digestive problems. Don't know how true that is though! It could simply be because your chin area is coming into contact with germs more often than usual. Do you have a habit of resting your phone mouthpiece on your chin, or touching it with your fingers? Recently I've had the same problem but for me it just seems to be cyclical.

    Try a deep cleansing mask on the area. I use Origins Clear Improvement for spot treatment overnight but you're not actually supposed to leave it on for so long


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      Are you:

      Having constipation lately?
      Not enough sleep?
      Hormonal imbalance?
      Skin infection?
      Wrong product(s) used?

      Ah, as i mentioned before, there are many cause to acne. We're not expert, we cant really tell what causes it, what you should do now is to see a dermatologist.

      One thing for sure, your skin is suffering from inflamation. Try not to pick at it, ok.


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        There's only one reason. Hormones. The time of the month again? The chin is greatly affected by hormones. So if there's an hormone imbalance, the chin will be affected.


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          agree with edithberri, it should due to hormones.. i had a bad breakout there a month or so back but thankfully it has cleared up..

          facials did help in my case


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            thanks girls, if it's hormone-related what can i do to make it better?


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              I also experience chin acne. I use Derma-rx CF, BF as well Differine to clear them and also i think the Neutrogena Pore Refining toner helps too cos it contains AHA & BHA to lighten the scars (in fact , just 2 days of using, you can see the lightening effect).

              HTH. :yaya:


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                First great rule,
                1) Eat Right
                2) Drink lots of water
                3) Keep the area clean
                4) Don't squeeze at all, Don't touch it too
                5) Apply your preferred pimple cream/medication.

                Hope this really helps. Cause I know your agony, sometimes is not how it looks but it can actually be really painful and swollen.


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                  i just read in a book that when u get acne on ur is because of your said you should drink more water ..


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                    I was told about the bad circulation explanation also but I also found out that my room phone - which i usually hog to chat with friends at night previously - was also the cause.

                    THe saliva is non-visibily spat on the mouth piece & i usually hold my phone with my shoulder & head - the mouth piece resting on my chin usually - the bacteria from last week's saliva must have manifested & was introducted to my chin.

                    I thought it was a very far fetched theory - i thought of it myself but decided to clean my mouth piece with some old toner & walla! No more freuqent chin pimples!


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                      Yes i second to vit c's post about the mouth piece as well.
                      I too used to have very bad chin acne and I too suspected it was the phone due to all the late night talking with SO.
                      Cleaning the mouth piece regularly would be a good step to take with all the other recommendations the other cotters have provided


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                        I also have some on my chin too .... ouch ! Stressed + time of the month again argh !


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                          i guess it's hormones..when it happens, i just do my marine mud diligently, can see that it heals rather fast.


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                            You may want to learn more about it at this site


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                              Chin Acne

                              Hi, ive heard from beauticians that its might be due to one of the follows:
                              -Improper hygiene
                              -Constipation/ Indigestive system

                              Rule of the Thumb: Drink plenty of water, one cup full of water every morning to cleanse the toxins build up in your body every night. Take fruits and vegetables, and avoid deep-fried/oily/ spicy food. Wash your face AFTER you brush your teeth.