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  • Elicina

    Snail slime anybody? I know this sounds weird, yet fascinating! I chanced upon this on the web and wonder if anyone has tried this.

    Taken from the site:
    Elicina is not a man made drug, pharmaceutical or medicine. It is a patented natural cream gathered from secretions left on its wondering paths by the Chilean Snail Helix Aspersa M?ller. The same he uses to quickly regenerate his shell and body whenever damaged and to fight skin infections.

    Elicina contains the most valued natural skin care ingredients the cosmetic and dermatology industry thrives to include in their products. They are Allantoin, Collagen, Elastin, Natural Antibiotic Peptides, Proteins, Vitamins and Glycolic Acid.

    The Chilean Medical Doctor Fernando Bascunan discovered the snail's secretions natural effects. Studying medicine, in 1989, he became curious about healing of wounds experienced by people who manipulated the snails his family raised for commercial production.

    Then he dedicated years to clinical scientific studies confirming the existence of special properties for our skin in the natural secretion left on his paths by this cute little animal that lives in most backyards and vineyards in Chile.

    Dr Bascunan, and a team of researchers, were later able to design a process to gather the secretion without any harm to the snails, and store it as a natural hypoallergenic, odorless cream.

    Interested to read on?
    Vogue UK March 2003

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    I've tried it before. I suggest you that you spend your money elsewhere. I bought about 3 jars, and all I've got is nothing. It makes my skin nicer to the touch, but thats all. Scars are still there. From another forum that I frequent, I'm not the only one that find this product has no effect.


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      Sigh, after all the money you've spent. Alright, thanks!


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        Well, someone's gotta try it, and I am desperate enough. hahahah


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          Any reviews?


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            The elicina cream (the original) is not very oily and it dries very fast. For scars, apply 2 times a day, the healing takes about 1-2 wk (depends on individual's body absorption of products).
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