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1st 5min after washing face

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  • 1st 5min after washing face

    1st: Toner
    2nd: Serum/Hydrator
    3rd: Sunblock
    4th: Loose Powder

    1st: Mask
    2nd: Essential Oils.

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    after washing.....

    1.) check to see if i have any new blackheads or pimples.

    2.) if i'm good and didnt squeeze them, toner on a cotton pad, swipe cheeks first, then forehead and chin, lastly nose.

    3.) followed by moisturizer, depending on my mood, i rotate between Sisley's Ecological Compound, Clarin's Gentle Night Lotion or Clarin's Normalizing Night Lotion.

    4.) if I had gone swimming or tanning that day, I'll apply Sisley's Restorative Facial Cream. Smells great, and soothes my sunburnt skin.

    5.) finish it off with a lip balm.


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      Seriouly just EOs and nothing, I've oily skin, any more products pile on is going to waste(i think so)... hehe... but my facialist doesnt really like me doing that to my face, she said the EO cant help to restore hydration.

      I did try to pile on moisturiser after that, it broke me out!, so just EO for now. I'm using 2 oil blends, soothing blends for the first layer, and then blemish blends for spots. But i still wake up to oil fields... hehehe ... my skin just too oily...

      Sometime i just smooth some EOs after bath, w/o doing mask.


      Originally posted by Sky
      okay okay... I forgot it's 1st 5min, you need to let EO "sink in"?
      Nic, you're so funny... hahah... It's late, dont make me laugh so hard...
      Ok ok... call me lazy... hehe..
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        Re: 1st 5min after washing face

        1st product: aesop mandarin hydrating cream

        2nd product: khiels avocado eyecream


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          Not quite a Sisley fan, but converted to them after I realised SKII was too harsh for my sensitive skin. First month after using SKII was great. But started having very bad breakouts which wont clear so I decided to start looking for a natural plant based brand.

          Nope. Ecological Compound isnt oily. More like a soothing primer for dry skins. But it's enough for me on most days cos I haf oily skin.

          I do love their Tropical Resins and Linden Blossom masks however. Tropical Resins mask makes my face so smooth and matte, while Linden Blossom one soothes it so well and hydrates too!


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            You see, natnatviv regimen is even simpler, and she has very very smooth and clear skin.

            I'm so envy ...


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              1. miracle water
              2. moisturizer

              Haha sometimes in the mornings I am too rush or late at night too tired so I'll just skip these two steps... definitely a bad habit


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                1. IPSA eye cream
                2. DRX CF + BF
                3. IPSA serum
                4. Origins serum

                1. IPSA eye cream
                2. DRX CF + BF
                3. IPSA serum
                4. IPSA water massage


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                  ahahahhaha Sky, i usually applied these 2 items in a rush actually and only after my showers (once in the morning and once at nite)
                  1 or 2 mins will do actually !

                  huili, i drink tons of water so fortunately my skin is clear for the moment
                  so girlie, do load on the water!


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                    Very simple regime now since I've just recovered from a breakout. Skin's also kinda dried out due to use of OXY 10.

                    -Shiseido Bio-Performance eye contour cream
                    -Payot Hydrofluide serum
                    -OXY 10 on my 2 very tiny pimples (last of mysterious breakout. Yay!)

                    On days when I want to apply mask:
                    -IPSA refiner tone up cream clay or Yamano Doronko Clay or Clarins gentle facial peeling
                    -Payot masque hydratant for 30 mins

                    -Aspirin Mask for 10 mins (4 tablets of Disprin and few droplets of water to dissolve. this also functions as my scrub before washing off)


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                      Re: Re: Re: 1st 5min after washing face

                      Originally posted by Sky
                      huili, where you get your 2 oil blends? What are they? I'm very keen in the Tangs facial place you rec in EO thread, they're closed for few days last week when I visited, even Tangs SA didn't know what happen to them.
                      I got my oil blends from LD, they carry Eve Taylor Oil only.
                      I'd been to the One beauty place last 2 week, it was my first and would be my last. Why? Because the boss actually have not much knowledge in EO, and they hire facialist from outside to do facial. They do NOT use EO at all, they're using mainly Phytomer and Therapeutic products. This was not told when i called them up for enquiry before the appointment, they said they use purely EO products, i was so dissapointed.

                      I'm not a fan of marine products, so i'm not going back anymore. In fact, i suspect that pyhtomer products broke me out.

                      I went to the one at International Building. According to the facialist, their branch at Tangs is under renovation, did you see some renovation work going on there? If not, I think they pull out from there or something.

                      I just went to Liz at Caltex Hse for facial, and she's using dermalogica and some EO(what brand, i dont know). And I'm not breaking out. Since she's the sole-propritor, i'm sure she wont do something to thrash her business right, so i can put myself at ease to have her take care of my face.


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                        everyday after washing my face, i will scrutinize my skin. haha~ wanna check if there's any zits coming up and to see whether my skin condition has deteriorate or whatever. i don't use toner cause i think it's useless for me, and i have combi. skin.


                        1. pimple cream (if there's any zits)
                        2. olay whitening moisturiser


                        1. pimple cream (if there's any zits)
                        2. garnier light eye cream
                        3. biotherm age fitness nuit


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                          1. toner
                          2. moisturizer
                          3. sunblock

                          1. toner
                          2. moisturizer
                          3. eyecream

                          sometimes i do masks like fancl MCP, fancl whitening mask, aspirin mask etc


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                            kose sekkisei lotion
                            derma rx cf
                            tinted moisturiser or sunblock

                            kose sekkisei lotion
                            derma rx cf
                            dermologica's medicated clearing gel

                            do skip some steps when i'm lazy


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                              Night[list=1][*]tap water in a spritz bottle[*]end of story[/list=1]

                              Morning[list=1][*]tap water in a spritz bottle[*]lancome UV Expert[/list=1]