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  • Lifecella

    Hi ladies..I just went to search for reviews for this mask but found nothing. So I decided to post a new thread for this. Anyone tried Lifecella masks? What are your reviews on this? I wanted to try it but i am not sure if it is suitable for oily and sensitive skin...wanting to try the whitening mask in particular.

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    I've only tried the whitening masks and i like it!!
    It's cooling as well!
    It says on the packets that you have to use a continuous 4 wks of 3 times per wk (IIRC) in order to see the fairness. But i only use it as an when i like. I'm not so particular about whitening.. i go for the moisturising. Skin definitely look more awaked and refreshed the next day.
    I still use this occasionally even though i do use other type of masks as well (other cheaper and non-sheet masks). Depends on mood also... heehee..

    The only thing i do not like is that since it's in jelly-gel, sometimes i have to keep pressing the mask down to my skin so that it adhers.



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      I'm the opposite. I like the jelliness of it although I did press on it a few times to make sure that it stayed on :o) I don't think it will fall out unless your skin is particularly slippery. I tried the Orange Mask just lastnight and love it to bits! Will be trying out the others soon.

      I think the Orange one will be suitable for most skintypes as this did not add moisture, but more to freshen and smoothen skin. At least that was how I felt. They do have a clay based one that should be well suited for oilier skintypes. However, I think these Japanese paper masks are milder compared to a lot of those tubed ones unless you use a purifying mask. I dunno... still new on this paper mask wagon :o)


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        I do like the fact that it's gel.. but that also causes me to 'press-down' to my face since it's slightly harder than most sheet masks.

        Consomme, do try the whitening one then, think you may like the effect since it adhers to your skin well!


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          Thannks for all the reviews . But i was just wondering is it oil-free? I am afraid that it will be too rich for my skin. Also, does the whitening mask help to reduce pimple scars? I am currently using the ettusais acne whitening masks, but it is running out soon and I am looking for alternatives. Thanks for answering my doubts


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            Hi Yann,

            The Orange Mask is oil-free because I don't feel any 'slickness' after removing. Not sure about the whitening mask but will definitely try soon. BTW, I used Lifecella's Esthe Mask that's supposed to firm up the chin area (cute concept) and it was so-so only. My chin did feel a little tauter but not sure if it will last long. Still looks the same to me *lol* But it did state that it make take 2 masks a week for one month to see some effect.


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              wow that was fast... thank you again for all the reviews. i will definately try out the masks and let you all know the results!!!


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                Whitening mask

                Ok so I'm sitting here with this mask on, and it has a strange, distinctly chemical smell to it... Man, I hope this doesn't break me out!

                It has a cooling effect just for that split second when I first put it on. Right now it doesn't feel like anything fantastic, especially when I compare it to my Fancl eye mask which (while its actual effectiveness is questionable) actually does feel cool the whole time it's on. Oh wells. Will try the orange mask (which I also bought) and report back on that


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                  Hi nywoe!! hopefully the orange masks will work better ...I have been so fickle minded about masks nowadays, I tried the Fancl whitening masks, Kanebo whitening masks, and [email protected]100 masks..bought too many masks at one go, so i think I have to wait till it finishes then I will try update me with any reviews once you try it...hee...thanks...


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                    I used their orange mask & I love the cooling sensation when I put the mask. Got once I tried putting the mask near my eye-area and I discovered my eye circles have lighten a lot!!!


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                      Wow, really? I never noticed that but it's probably because I have really dark circles to begin with. I'm tempted to try their Eye Mask though. Wonder what that will do :o)


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                        In fact before I use [email protected] mask, I use this lifecella whitening mask for almost a year although it's not available in Sin (it's available in Malaysia).

                        At first I tried the orange mask but I do not like it. THen I tried the whitening mask and I think it's still alright. During that time there's a buy-1-free-1 promotion so I bought quite a lot.

                        But after I finished them I think it's too expensive and not really worthwhile so I stopped until now.

                        I think for whitening and moisturizing effect this mask does not work as good as sheet mask. Sometimes I also wondering if I use for too long time will it block my skin from oxygen.

                        But I think it's also up to individual. Some skin type might suit this kind of mask.


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                          My colleague raves abt the orange mask 'cos it gives her a radiant glow the following day. She has sensitive skin.
                          It did nothing for me except for the fact that my face seems more "pump up". Tried the whitening mask b4 too, seems alrite.
                          I luv the cooling effect for both masks.

                          Only complain is that they should make the pieces, especially for the upper lip area, bigger!


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                            I tried the orange mask before. I placed it in the fridge for about 30 mins before using, it did give a cooling feeling. As to the effect, it's not that obvious. But I only used two packs, think needs more applications to see effect.

                            check out their website, the company produces many kinds of masks. What types are available in SG? only orange mask and whitening mask?


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                              im using the orange mask as well...has a very cooling effect when u put it on...and the great thing is *** it doesnt leave u with oily or sticky feeling after u peel it off...i usually put mosturiser right after i peel off the mask n go to bed..u can feel the softness the next morning..