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  • Psoriasis

    Think this was discussed somewhere in between threads but I can't remember where. :huh: Bath and Body thread?

    We should have a proper thread for this skin condition!

    Anyway, Psoriasis will bother me once in a while around my arm areas. After religiously applying AHA and scrubbing, they will disappear but come back again.

    What are you doing to yours?

    I just received a sample of Bioheal highly rec by a MUA'er. This stuff stinks! Stings much more than AHA after applying. Anyhow, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will make my skin problem go away, if not make my skin condition a little more bearable.

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    do you mean keratosis Poriasis??

    My doctor told me there is no cure for this so there is no need to waste $. Even if new treatment is out, it will only disappear for a while but it will always come back.

    I have them on my arms too. and my doctor told me I should be grateful that it is not on my face. He has patients that have them on the face.


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      Yes, they do not go away and they always come back after disappearing.

      SO gals, what are you doing to yours to make your skin condition a little bearable?


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        I do nothing. But I steer clear of sleeveless since my arms are very fat. And put on some moisturizer.


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          i just read that some people use mink oil to treat this


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            anyone knows any good doctor that can treat/control psoriasis, maybe at the National skin centre?


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              I find there is no cream that will cause it to disappear. Doctor advised me to go under the sunlight. And it worked! I was out white water rafting for a day in Australia, and got very tanned. The bumps and redness all disappeared after that day. But of course, it all came back after a while.


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                i have them too... pretty nasty ones.. had them since 2000... tried all sort of stuff fr the NSC but also not use... keep coming back on and off.. went for creams to UV light therapy and even steriod medications... Just to share with you gals that there is this new medication fr Eu Yan Sang... the chinese medical hall... i'm using their super expensive pills that is said to heal psoriasis.. no ill side effect... have been using for close to 2 yrs already.. each month's cost is abt $300++ getting better now and hope it stays this way... link to the medication:

                disclaimer: just sharing my experience... not my fault if this doesnt work for you...