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    My hair texture looks very dry & dull. It looks like dead fish to me. I used DIY treatment every weekend (Loreal, Schwarporf) but my hair still stays dull n lifeless. How can i achieve hair that is bouncy, soft and manageable?

    Any shampoo, conditioner or treatment to recommend?

    Thanks cotterS!

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    Did you go for any hair treatment? Did you have your hair cut every 6 ~ 8 weeks?

    For me, I use a mixture of hair products. It doesn't mean high-end = good product = good hair. To me, good hair means good diet, suitability of hair products, how you take good care of your hair.

    My practise: I alternate some of the shampoos when I finish using them.

    Low-end hair shampoos:
    Ginvera Hair Revitaliser [for normal hair] (comes with orange dispenser)
    Follow Me Green Tea (for normal hair)

    Kerastase Bain Satin 3 shampoo (i use this as hair condtioner for my hair ends)
    HABA Lavender Shampoo Rinse

    Hair masks:
    Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter
    Philip Kingsley

    Leave-in conditioners:
    L'oreal Professional (purple bottle) - can't remember the name off hand
    FORD (CV-Third Treatment) Water Matrix Treatment(bought from Reds Hair salon)
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      dolphin's hair is really nice! should listen!


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        Xue, my hair ends flies left and right. It would be nice if i have a stylist stand by me when i need my hair to look sleek and straight. BTW, I had dyed my hair a few times (less than 5, i think) and relaxed my hair once. The stylists even complained the hair dye can't seep into my very black hair. :roll: Treatments are expensive so I DIY. Mum nags at me when I done damage to the hair. I had my hair in black with little hints of brown now... don't ask me why. I can't even answered that. Anyway, black hair is easy to maintain.

        I prefer short hair ( Nic, Stella, Jemay and yours) but wait till i have a slim oval shape face, ok?! That would happen in my next life.


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          My hair looks at its best after it was rebonded. Though i felt that it's quite fake.its really really v soft and manageable!! The con is that is quite expensive and that it cant be done more than twice a yr.

          I tried DIY treatment, Loreal, Schwarorf (cant spell it) but nothing seems to work. I used to trim my hair monthly but then, i feel that i can never have long hair if i continue trimming at this rate.

          Dolphin has so mani hair pdts. Mine is as such:

          Keratase Scalp Care (Day use)
          Nuskin Epoch Shampoo n Light Conditioner (Night)

          Loreal Elseve(The orange bottle)
          Nuskin Epoch Conditioner

          Treatment: (Once a week, done at home)
          Schworf (Sorry not too sure on the spelling)

          Are there any treatments that can "cure" my dry,brittle,dull tresses?


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            My frens recommended me WElla Power Mask, any recommendations??


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              Do you use clarifying shampoo every now and then to get rid of product build-up? I like Neutrogena; Clairols turned my hair to straw.

              Short hair is really easier to maintain, but when my hair was long, I conditioned it like crazy. First the usual rinse-off conditioner, then a conditioning spray to help detangle, then finally a leave-in conditioner (the cream kind).


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                Basically, i use serum on my ends,tts all. So i nvr buy build-up shampoos n stuffs.


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                  Originally posted by lava_lala
                  My frens recommended me WElla Power Mask, any recommendations??
                  tried this before, its ok only, nothing beats kerastase's oleo relax


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                    lava_lala, build-up can come from anything and everything you put on your hair. This includes not only hair styling products, but shampoos, rinse-off conditioners, etc. Build-up comes especially from products that claim to make your hair shiny (eg. hair serum), because most of these contain silicones, which temporarily gives your hair shine, but with long-term use can make your hair dull, dry, even brittle.

                    You can check your products for silicone content: look through the ingredient list for words ending wth "cone" (sometimes "con"), eg. dimethicone.

                    Buy a small bottle of clarifying shampoo, and use it every couple of weeks or so. Let us know if it makes a difference.


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                      hmm,ok, will try to get one. Any cheap ones to recommend? been on a very tight budget so didnt really want to spend too much.


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                        Hi dolphin! how much is the water treatment? What brand is it? What kindda texture does it have? i thought of getting a new leave-in coz my redken one is almost finishing
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                          IIRC, it costs $40. I bought it at Reds Bugis.

                          I shall post the full product name for you tomorrow.
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                            thank you.


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                              Originally posted by saresha
                              You can check your products for silicone content: look through the ingredient list for words ending wth "cone" (sometimes "con"), eg. dimethicone.
                              I learnt something new today. Thanks, Saresha!