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    hey gals,

    in your opinion, do you think there are correct strokes to applying MU or using Skincare. HOW DO YOU DO IT?? :choice:

    Remove makeup - Is the correct way using cotton pads is a upwards or downwards stroke :huh:

    When applying Foundation - Do we apply it downwards so you wont "open the pores" and clog it or upwards direction. :huh:

    When applying moisturizer, toner, essence, etc - IS it done in a upward manner. :huh:

    Your views pls :roll:

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    When removing makeup - Using cleansing milk or eye-makeup remover, use facial cotton pads. Remove using upwards manner, if i recalled correctly.

    When applying Foundation - Apply in downwards according to your hair growth.

    When applying moisturizer - toner, essence, etc - Apply in upward manner.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. I can't remember much info these days. :roll:


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      yup, i think it's like this. regarding skincare (makeup removal, moisturiser etc), you wipe it upwards. regarding cosmetics, everything is downwards. i heard from a biotherm SA to wipe my toner sideways though (from nose outwards), but i'm not sure how reliable it is.